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Justice Antonin Scalia visited UCM
March 4-5, 2008

A rare opportunity to learn about national legal issues from someone who deals with them on a daily basis was held on March 4-5, 2008 at UCM. The university had the pleasure of having Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court on campus.

Public Presentation and Student Interaction Planned

Justice Scalia

Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

His visit included a public presentation the evening of Tuesday, March 4. Additional activities took place the following day during which Justice Scalia gave a classroom lecture and interacted with students, members of the faculty and staff and other special guests to campus. His campus appearance was at the invitation of UCM President Aaron Podolefsky.

A World-Class Opportunity

"Our campus community looks forward to hearing from Justice Scalia, and his viewpoint on matters that significantly affect this nation," Podolefsky said. The president stressed that one of the reasons Scalia is coming to UCM is because of the work of Jim Staab, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science. Staab wrote the book, The Political Thought of Justice Antonin Scalia: A Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court (Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006).

"The fact that we have faculty members who are actively engaged in scholarship is really what makes this visit from Justice Scalia possible. This truly is one of those world-class opportunities for students that we talk about in our new vision statement," Podolefsky said.

The Political Thought of Justice Antonin Scalia, By Dr. James Staab

The Political Thought of Justice Antonin Scalia: A Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court. 
By Dr. James Staab

An Invaluable Educational Experience

"Justice Scalia's visit to UCM will be an invaluable educational experience for students, faculty, and the larger UCM community," Staab said. "He is one of the most brilliant and colorful justices in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. His rule of law approach to deciding cases, as well as his criticism of the 'Living Constitution,' raise fundamental questions about the role of courts in the U.S. political system."

Appointed by President Reagan

Born in Trenton, NJ, Scalia went on to study, practice and teach law before he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the U.S. Supreme Court on Sept. 26, 1986. Today, he is the second most senior associate justice of the court, and is often regarded as the intellectual anchor of the court's conservative wing.

Graduate of Harvard Law School

Scalia received an A.B. degree in 1957 from Georgetown University and the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, an L.L.B. degree in 1960 from Harvard Law School, and was a Sheldon Fellow of Harvard University, 1960-1961.

After six years in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio, Scalia entered the academic arena as a professor of law at the University of Virginia, 1967-1971, and University of Chicago, 1977-1982. He was also a visiting professor of law at both Georgetown University and Stanford University.

Scalia served as chairman of the American Bar Association's Section of Administrative Law from 1981-82 and as its Conference of Section Chairman, 1982-83. He served as general counsel of the Office of Telecommunications Policy, 1971-72, as chair of the Administrative Conference of the United States, 1972-1974, and as assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel from 1974-1977. In 1982, Scalia joined the U.S. Court of Appeals as a judge for the District of Columbia Circuit.

More pictures of Justice Antonin Scalia's visit to UCM.

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