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UCM Mock Trial Team

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UCM Mock Trial in Memphis 2017

UCM Mock Trial in Memphis, TN for the AMTA Opening Round Championships, March 2017.



For more information on how to join the team or for tournament outcomes please follow this link.

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Coach: Attorney, K. Adam Sommer of local firm Harris, Harris, & Gilbert, L.L.C. Adam began coaching the team in 2013-2014 season. Adam is a former team member from 2006-2008 and graduate of UCM. After earning his degree in Political Science at UCM, Adam went to the University of Missouri (Mizzou) for law school, completing his J.D. in May of 2012. Adam is a member of the Missouri Bar, and is a practicing trial attorney including family law, civil litigation, municipal government, municipal prosectuion, and criminal defense. You can reach him at for more informatin on the team. You can also find information at, you can "like"  https://www. and follow the team on Twitter with @UCMMockTrial. In his 4 seasons with the program, UCM's team has made the national O.R.C>S. tournament 3 times, and students have earned 60 individual awards for the work.