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Improper Parking

Vehicles improperly parked will be fined $30.00 and /or towed.

When utilizing University parking lots, park only at concrete parking bumpers or within parking lines. Do not park at corners, double park, park in driveways, or park in front of trash dumpsters.

Parking on grass, on sidewalks, or on parkways is strictly prohibited.

Only one motor vehicle shall be parked in front of each parking bumper. Do not park utilizing two or more parking spaces.

Non-licensed vehicles cannot be parked or stored in University parking lots.

Motor vehicles parked on University Property must be kept in operating condition so they can be moved at any time on their own power.

Vehicles shall not be parked in parking spaces or University parking lots that are barricaded.

Vehicles parked in time-controlled spaces are limited to the time posted on the parking space sign.