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Department of Psychological Science

Lovinger 1111
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4185

Selected Publications

Schuetz, S.A., & Multon, K. (2017).  The relationship of alexithymia, interpersonal problems and self-understanding to psychological distress in college students. North American Journal of Psychology, 19, 139-154.

Parama, K.S., Kreiner, D.S., Stark, K.S., & Schuetz, S.A. (2017). Monolingual and bilingual perceptions of code-switching: A difference in cognition but not competence. North American Journal of Psychology, 19, 87-102.


Schuetz, S., Bhattarai, J., Mealy, B., Schuetz, S.R., Swopes, N., Harvey, E., Berletic, L.,  Knapp, B., & Ohlms, K. (2011).  What? The earth is sick? Undergraduate student awareness of environmental problems: A qualitative study. Ecopsychology, 3(4), 269-276. doi:10.1089/eco.2011.0033


Kivlighan, D., Schuetz, S., & Kardash, C. (1996).   Effect of achievement goals on adherence to a psychotherapy training manual. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 45, 189-195.


Schuetz, S.A. (1991). Index to Across Our Wide Missouri by Priddy, B. (1982). [Machine-readable data file:  CD-ROM optical media].  Jefferson City: Missouri State Library (Producer and Distributor).