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Psychology, BA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

If you often wonder what makes you feel a certain emotion, the Psychology BA degree at the University of Central Missouri might be a good place to start your career. 

Learn how other people influence our behavior and thought processes from expert faculty. Active contributors to their respective fields, they keep up to date on the latest research and theories and bring that knowledge to the undergraduate program curriculum.

In UCM’s BA in Psychology program, discover how to apply what you learn about the fundamentals of behavioral science to your career — and stand out among other candidates in the job market.

How to choose between the Psychology BA and BS degrees

If you want the option to pursue a career in one of many fields connected to psychology, the BA in Psychology degree is the best option for you. UCM’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides you with a broad background in the major areas of psychology. This knowledge can then be applied in a wide range of careers to enhance your understanding of people, from coworkers to consumers.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is best if you want to focus more heavily on research, lab experience and a psychology graduate program.

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Ellie Hwang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Program Coordinator
Lovinger 1204
Warrensburg, MO
Tel: 660-543-8911

College of Health, Science and Technology

Department of Psychological Science

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30 students or less in most classes

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Courses meet APA-identified goals

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What you will study

All students majoring in Psychology take classes that build a foundational understanding of psychology and its subfields. Start with courses that all Psychology majors take. These include:

  • General Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Life-Span Development

As a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology student, you’ll also study a foreign language to prepare you for Psychology BA jobs that need a well-rounded cultural understanding. In addition to your language classes, you can choose a group of courses (among four options) that provide a solid grasp of certain discipline concentrations. 

Degree completion option for Psychology BA students

Are you a working adult trying to finish your bachelor’s degree while balancing other responsibilities? The University of Central Missouri makes it easy to complete your BA in Psychology through a combination of classes offered online and at our Warrensburg campus in the Kansas City metro area. 

As long as you’ve completed general education requirements or have an associate degree, you can finish your bachelor’s as a part-time student in as few as four semesters.


Excellence in Psychology

  • Our thorough, engaging courses meet the standards and goals set by the American Psychological Association for undergraduate psychology programs.


Unique learning opportunities in UCM’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program

Gain tangible experience practicing the skills and theories you learn in class to build a deeper understanding of your undergraduate program coursework.

  • Faculty advising: Our expert faculty make it a top goal to help you through the BA in Psychology program and provide you with the support you need to succeed. You’ll have a dedicated faculty mentor who can help you choose the right classes to achieve your ambitions and prepare you to apply for Psychology BA jobs after graduation.
  • Undergraduate research: Even if you’re not in the Psychology BS program, you can get experience doing real research with a faculty mentor. You may even have the opportunity to present your work at conferences and in co-authored papers.
  • Advanced facilities: If you choose to take a research course, you’ll get to work in our advanced laboratories to build experience for jobs with a BA in Psychology. 
  • Student activities: Participate in student clubs focused on the interests of Psychology majors. Attend networking events, perform community service, further each other’s education and learn about available jobs with a BA in Psychology. Student groups include Psychology Club and Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology.


What can you do with a Psychology BA degree from UCM?

You’ll be ready to apply your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree to a wide range of fields. Draw on your understanding of behavioral theories to enhance your performance in fields such as:

  • Criminology
  • Human resources
  • Journalism
  • Marketing 
  • Political science

Because of the foreign language courses, you can also stand out from other job candidates who may not bring those extra skills to a job application. 

If you plan to apply to grad school, your BA in Psychology degree will prepare you for advanced studies in almost any master’s program.

Finding jobs with a BA in Psychology

The tool below will help you explore career possibilities with a BA in Psychology. It also provides salary information, employment trends and other details to help you jumpstart your career.




Financial assistance options for your BA in Psychology

The cost of college doesn’t have to follow you for the rest of your life. At the University of Central Missouri, we offer many ways to make your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree affordable and help you finance your education.

On top of university-wide financial aid, UCM also provides grants, scholarships and tuition awards that are exclusive to students studying in the Psychology BA program. These include:

  • Arthur J. Ter Keurst Scholarship
  • Jerome M. Sattler Award
  • Joseph J. Ryan Scholarship
  • Psi Chi Awards and Grants
  • Robert N. Higgins Memorial Scholarship
  • Tuition Awards

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

Continue your education after you graduate with your BA in Psychology by enrolling in a related master’s program at UCM.

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Make yourself more marketable.

Enhance your Psychology BA degree with a minor in a topic related to the study of human behavior.

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Explore programs related to the Psychology BA.

You might be interested to learn about other undergraduate degrees at UCM that explore human interactions.

B.A. Completion Program at Lee’s Summit

For busy, career-driven students, the B.A. Psychology program can help you complete your degree in psychology. You can complete the psychology major requirements through a combination of online courses and courses that meet face-to-face at our beautiful facility in Lee’s Summit. You can complete the psychology requirements part-time, in four semesters, if you have already completed general education requirements or earned your Associate’s degree.

Recommended Sequence for Completing at Lee’s Summit

This sample plan shows how the major requirements in Psychology could be completed in two years. Students should also plan to complete any remaining degree requirements such as General Education (if not coming in with a completed Associate’s degree), Modern Language Requirement, and Electives.

It is assumed that students have already completed Psy 1100 (General Psychology) or the equivalent; if not, it can be taken online during the summer.

See the UCM Undergraduate Catalog for specific degree requirements. 

Check the complete B.A. in Psychology requirements to determine if you need additional courses to complete your degree. 

Psy 1000 Orientation to Psychology – UCM Lee's Summit
Psy 3340 Social Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit
Psy 4150 Cognitive Psychology – online

Psy 3120 Brain and Behavior – online
Psy 2130 Learning - online


Psy 3030 Introduction to Statistics for Psychology - online
Psy 3220 Lifespan Development – online

Psy 3100 Research Methods – online
Psy 4440 Abnormal Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit

Psy 4310 Theories of Personality – online
Psy 4110 History of Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit



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