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Earn your Psychology degree at UCM - Lee's Summit

Designed for busy, career-driven students, UCM offers a B.A. in Psychology completion program at UCM - Lee's Summit.

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I chose Psychology at UCM because of the real-life aspect of the program and the technology in it."
- Madeline Cramer, B.A. in Psychology alumna

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to experience on-the-job training while assisting Dr. Lundervold in the Behavioral Medicine Lab."
- Amy Garcia, B.S. in Psychology graduate and current Psychology graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to apply what I've learned in my classes to the real world and many of my other classes."
- Sara Thomas, B.A. in Psychology graduate and current Criminal Justice graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"The psychology professors at UCM were more than willing to be mentors. They genuinely cared about my goals and success."
- Brittany Echols, B.A. in Psychology alumna

Psychology Club

Great Plains Student Psychology Conference 2012

Calling all undergraduate and graduate students interested in psychology! The Psychology Club is looking for new members and dues are only $5 per semester or $10 per year. Any student with an interest in Psychology is eligible to join.

The Psychology Club meets once a week. Activity planning, fund raising, and business agendas are discussed during lunch, which is provided by the club.

Current Officers

New officers will be elected at the beginning of the fall semester.

President Olivia Koerber
Vice President Ryan Conover
Secretary Miranda Maher
Treasurer Tara Brown
Historian Nikole Wright


During 2013-2014, the Psychology Club was active in fundraising and sponsored several social events and field trips. Acitivities included raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, holding a masquerade ball, participating in Homecoming and Unity Week, decorating the Veteran's Home for Christmas, donating items to soldiers and to Survival House, picking up trash on campus. Psychology Club members attended the Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference and the Great Plains Psychology Convention.

Please contact one of the officers or stop by the Department Office (Lovinger 1111) if you have any questions.