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Dropping a Class

If you remove a class from your schedule on or before the last day to drop of the semester, you are considered to have dropped the course. Your tuition/fee charges for the class will be reversed and the class will be removed from your schedule for the semester. The drop dates for each semester may be found here.

If this action results in you being enrolled less than full-time, and you're a Pell Grant recipient, your award payment will be reduced according to the number of credit hours for which you remain enrolled. Also, any types of financial assistance that require full-time enrollment will be reversed. These types of aid include SEOG grant, Perkins Loan, Work-Study employment, certain state programs, and most scholarships. VA educational benefits may also be affected.

If dropping one or more classes results in you being enrolled less than half-time, in addition to the above actions, any Federal Stafford (student) Loan and/or PLUS (parent) Loan payments must be reversed. The Federal Direct Loan Servicing Center will also be notified by UCM that you’re enrolled less than half-time, which will have an impact on your federal loan repayment 'grace' period.

Withdrawing from a Class

Withdrawing from UCM