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Success Center

Free tutoring in more than 70 UCM courses.

Tutoring: Courses


Tutoring for the following courses is available all day, every day.  No appointment necessary.

AE 1030 Introduction to Algebra

Math 1101 Intermediate Algebra

Math 1111 College Algebra

Math 1620 Contemporary Math

Writing Assistance is available all day, every day.  No appointments necessary.

Online Writing Assistance

Tutoring for the following classes is available by appointment.  See the schedule for days and times. 

Math 1112 Trigonometry

Math 1131 Applied Calculus

Math 1151 Calc 7 Analytic Geometry

Fin 2801  Business Statistics I

Fin 3801  Business Statistics II

Econ 1010 Macroeconomics

Econ 1011 Microeconomics

CJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice

CJ 2315  Criminal Court System

CJ 3600 Corrections

Biol 2402 Anatomy & Physiology II

Check the schedule frequently as courses may be added during the semester.

For more information, contact:

Student Success Center
JCK Library 3150
(660) 543-8972