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Internship Criteria for Construction Management Program

School of Technology
University of Central Missouri
4-yr. BS Construction Management Degree Program
Internship Criteria

Construction Managers are required to perform many tasks in today’s construction field.  Many times the Construction Manager relies on the help of assistants and superintendents to assess and report on activities under their control in getting a project completed for the client/owner on schedule.  The Construction Manager (sometimes called a Project Manager) must be aware of all phases as well as all aspects of the construction project and site.  A Project Manager is defined as: Generally speaking a project manager is employed by larger firms. He or she is an individual capable of overall management responsibility for delivering a construction project from its conception until it functions as it was intended. The project manager must be capable of establishing performance and delivery criteria for approval by the owner.” (

One essential aspect of the Construction Manager’s education is field experience.  To achieve this goal, UCM requires all CM students to acquire an internship with a reputable construction company for academic credit.  During this internship, the student should be exposed to the various activities related to construction projects both in the field and in the office.  Generally, an intern will be under the supervision of a Field Engineer or on-site Project Manager.

Examples of duties that could be expected of an intern are, but not limited to:
a. Daily work reports
b. Documentation such as RFI, Deliveries, Permits, Submittals, Change Orders
c. Site Monitoring
d. Scheduling/Updates
e. Weekly Safety talks
f. Plan Management
g. Quantity take-off/Estimating

NOTE:  A student may work for a company for more than one summer.  The company may want that student to get some practical field experience such as roofing, concrete/flat work, framing, dirt-work, or a similar experience.  Any experience in the field will certainly prepare you better for the CM degree program, however the internship requirements for the CM program prefer that you are connected to the management area of construction.  Although the company may refer to hands-on, in-the-field activity as an internship, these types of work experiences are not what the internship-for-credit requirement is about.

If you have any questions concerning the requirements for CM internship, please speak with your CM major advisor before signing up for the credit requirement.  Your CM major advisor must approve your internship-for-credit application.