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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join The Honors College?
During your senior year of high school, after high school graduation, or when you are a current UCM student. Apply Now.

What if I have the GPA, but not the ACT requirement?
Students who do not meet the ACT admission requirement may apply for admission to The Honors College after they have completed at least one semester as a current UCM student and have a minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.5.

Why should I join The Honors College?
Detailed explanations of the benefits of being an honors student can be found on this website.

Does The Honors College offer a scholarship?
In lieu of a scholarship, The Honors College provides its students with support for their undergraduate research and honors project.

Do I have to live in Scholars Hall and is it only for honors students?
Living in Scholars Hall is a benefit for members of The Honors College, not a requirement. Scholars Hall is reserved for UCM students on university-funded scholarships, whether or not they are in The Honors College.

What do I need to do as an honors student?
The Honors College Program requirements.

Are students required to take honors sections of courses?
Honors students are not required to take honors sections of courses, however, many find the smaller class size creates a more interesting learning environment.

Is the Honors Project an actual class and do I have to write a paper?
The Honors Project is an independent self-study research project. Although students do not attend a regularly scheduled class, they are enrolled in four credit hours and are expected to meet regularly with their faculty mentor. Previous projects have included papers, art projects, computer animations, and scientific research. For additional details, students are encouraged to view The Honors Project Brochure, and take a look at our Honors Project FAQ and sample proposal form.