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STDs - The acronym stands for sexually transmitted diseases (diseases that are spread during vaginal, oral, or anal sex). If you have an STD, you are not alone. Millions of people, from students to executives, get STDs every year. Some STDs can be cured, some controlled, and all can be prevented. You're the key.

What Are Your Risks?

Everyone who is sexually active is at risk. You can reduce this risk by learning more about STDs.

First: Protect Yourself

Using condoms and dental dams during sex reduces your risk of getting an STD and spreading an STD if you have already contracted an infection.
Also, limiting yourself to one sexual partner greatly reduces your risk of an STD.  

Second: Educate yourself about STD's.

Links to Various Websites on Safer Sex, Contraception, Sexuality, and STD's.

Learn all you can about STDs, use protection, and get checked regularly.

Section 1(Treatable)
Section 2(Incurable/Treatment can Help)
Section 3 (Recognize the Symptoms)