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Campus Community Health

University Health Center • Counseling Center • Office of Health Promotion


Through our three areas - the University Health Center, the Counseling Center, and the Office of Health Promotion - Campus Community Health at UCM works to help keep you healthy and safe through health promotion, preventive health and wellness programs, counseling services, and coalition building with both on-campus and off-campus partners.

We are committed to addressing and reducing the impact of physical, mental, and emotional health issues on students, through the delivery of quality primary care services and support, in a manner consistent with your level of need.


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University Health Center

The University Health Center is your first stop when you're sick or injured, need well woman care, or need clinical prevention services such as immunizations or medications. It's staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacy and lab technicians, and friendly office personnel.

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center helps with concerns affecting your life and functioning, and is a safe place for you to begin addressing your concerns. It's staffed by clinicians who are experienced in responding to a variety of personal and social issues.

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Office of Health Promotion

The Office of Health Promotion at UCM helps students learn, grow, and thrive through education about, and engagement in, health-promoting and risk-reducing behaviors. Using data-informed practices, we work to put the power of prevention in the hands of our students.

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Presentations for Classrooms, Student Orgs, and More

Our office provides fun and interactive educational presentations to help UCM students make informed health-related decisions. To request a presentation, click below.


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Watch our promo video!

Thanks to a student in a Digital Media Production class, we've got this great short video that explains the three areas of Campus Community Health.

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Campus-Wide Work

UCM Partners in Prevention

Composed of leaders from across campus, the Coalition meets 6-8 times per year.

  • To promote an environment that supports UCM students in making safer and lower-risk choices regarding alcohol and other drugs, interpersonal relationships, and mental health, each of which have a significant impact on the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of our students.
  • To review, evaluate and enhance health promotion and harm reduction efforts across the UCM campus through best-practice, data-supported prevention approaches.
  • To annually create a comprehensive, evidence-based strategic prevention plan that includes goals and action steps, and builds institution-wide collaboration in addressing alcohol and other drug issues, interpersonal violence, and mental health.
  • To oversee the university’s development and implementation of a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees.
  • To ensure the distribution of an annual notification to all students, faculty, and staff to include (1) standards of conduct; (2) possible legal sanctions and penalties; (3) statements of the health risks associated with alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse; (4) the university’s AOD programs available to students, staff, and faculty; and (5) disciplinary sanctions for violations of the standards of conduct. 
  • To conduct a review of UCM’s AOD program to determine effectiveness and the consistency of sanction enforcement, in order to identify and implement any necessary changes, including the production of the Biennial Review.

Biennial Review

The 1989 amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA), as articulated in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) Part 86 (the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations) require that all institutes of higher education closely examine their prevention program on a biennial basis.

The current biennial review documents UCM’s prevention efforts related to alcohol and other drug use, and is available upon request from Amy Kiger, Director of Campus Community Health; email or call 660-543-4772.

Campus Alcohol Board

UCM's Campus Alcohol Board (CAB) is a multi-disciplinary subcommittee of the UCM Partners in Prevention Coalition, appointed by the president, comprised of various members of the university community, and coordinated by Campus Community Health. The CAB meets as required or called upon to advise the president and university community on issues related to alcohol education programs, policy implementation and enforcement, community relations, and other topics as may arise related to the university’s alcohol policy and programs.

To obtain more information or clarification regarding the development of procedures governing the sale, service, possession or consumption of alcohol in and on university facilities and grounds, please contact Amy Kiger, Director of Campus Community Health, at



Our Mission: In collaboration with campus and community partners, we reduce the impact of physical, mental, and behavioral health issues on student success, through the delivery of quality primary care services and the implementation of evidence-informed health promotion strategies.


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