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Campus Community Health

The Office of Campus Community Health works to help keep you healthy and safe through health promotion, preventive health and wellness programs, counseling services, and coalition building with both on-campus and off-campus partners.

We are committed to addressing and reducing the impact of physical, mental, and emotional health issues on students, through the delivery of quality primary care services and support, in a manner consistent with your level of need.


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University Health Center

The University Health Center is your first stop when you're sick or injured, need well woman care, or need clinical prevention services such as immunizations or medications. It's staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacy and lab technicians, and friendly office personnel.

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center helps with concerns affecting your life and functioning, and is a safe place for you to begin addressing your concerns. It's staffed by clinicians who are experienced in responding to a variety of personal and social issues.

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Health and Wellness Promotion

Through a wide variety of support programs and services, we can help you stay safe and healthy, and help you get connected to local community resources. We believe education, engagement, and prevention are powerful tools, and we're here to help you use them.

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CCH Student Advisory Board

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CCH will appoint 10-15 students to this advisory board from diverse backgrounds to help us meet the needs of our diverse student population.

This is not a programming or event planning committee; appointees will meet twice per semester to provide CCH staff with feedback and insight, as well as participate in surveys and other information gathering/sharing efforts. Total amount of time required per semester is approximately 8-10 hours, with an expectation that you will participate during both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters; there will be an opportunity to continue for another year as well.  Food will be provided at each meeting.

Some expected benefits to appointees include: the opportunity to impact how services are delivered, leadership and advisory experience, insight into health and well-being promotion processes, and receiving a notation on the UCM Experience Transcript regarding participation on the advisory board.

Criteria to be considered for this advisory board:

  • current undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Central Missouri, in good academic standing
  • no current conduct or behavioral concerns with the office of Student Experience and Engagement
  • available to participate in two meetings per semester for both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 (dates TBA)
  • ability to communicate clearly in oral and/or written form
  • positive outlook
  • motivated by the concepts of constructive feedback, continuous improvement, and shared responsibility

The application for the CCH Student Advisory Board is now closed. 

Notification of selection will be made by Friday, September 13, 2019.



Campus Community Health Staff

Amy Kiger, Director
Campus Community Health

As Director of Campus Community Health, Amy works to support student health and well-being by coordinating care, wellness initiatives, and health promotion across campus. Amy has worked in the field of violence and sexual assault prevention since 2003. She is a member of UCM’s Title IX Team and CARE Team, serves as a victim advocate, and leads UCM’s gender violence prevention efforts.

Dr. Jeanne Woon, Assistant Director
Counseling Center


Rhonda Neill, Coordinator of Health Administration

Suzy Latare, Manager of Outreach, Access and Community Health


In collaboration with campus and community partners, we reduce the impact of physical, mental, and behavioral health issues on student success, through the delivery of quality primary care services and the implementation of evidence-informed health promotion strategies.


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