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Learn about UCM's aviation courses at Whiteman Air Force Base.
UCM Family of Heroes training
University of Central Missouri Military Tuition Package
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The Whiteman Advantage

With a strong spirit of collaboration, the University of Central Missouri and Whiteman Air Force Base have established a shared vision of community while improving opportunities for servicemen and women. Known as the Whiteman Advantage, this initiative has led to a number of programs, which will help active duty military personnel who want to advance in their careers, as well as those who are preparing to make a transition to civilian life.

Through the Whiteman Advantage, the university goes directly to the individuals who could potentially benefit from educational programs and services to learn more about their specific needs, and how the university can better serve them. This higher education-military partnership includes amenities, services, special features, resources and other tools that provide a welcoming environment to campus for those who serve our nation. Since 2011, the Whiteman Advantage has led to initiatives such as:

  • The Military and Veterans Success Center
  • Military Tuition Package
  • Command Pass
  • Academic courses in aviation
  • Servant Leadership Lecture Series