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Office of Military and Veteran Services

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Where is the Military and Veterans Success Center located?
The Military and Veterans Success Center is located on the first floor of the Elliott Union, room 117. There is visitor parking across the street from the union and a nearby student parking lot.

Am I eligible for military tuition benefits?
To determine your eligibility, start by filling out the Veterans Certificate Request Form. For the GI Bill® and VA Benefits, you will first need to complete VA paperwork before enrolling in classes.

What chapter am I?
Below is a basic list outlining for which benefit you would qualify for based on your service.

Chapter 30: You were, or are, active duty and have completed the initial obligation period of at least two years.

Chapter 31: You are a veteran who has a service-connected disability of at least 10 percent or more.

Chapter 33: You are a veteran that has qualified for either Chapter 30 or Chapter 1607 benefits, or you are the dependent of a veteran who has qualified for either Chapter 30 or Chapter 1607 benefits and they have transferred their benefits to you.

Chapter 35: You are the dependent of a veteran who is 100 percent permanently disabled or deceased.

Chapter 1606: You are currently serving in the National Guard or the Reserves.

Chapter 1607: You are currently serving in the National Guard or the Reserves and have been deployed for at least 90 days under Title 10 orders.

Can I transfer my GI Bill® benefits to my spouse or child?
If you are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, you may have the opportunity to transfer benefits to your spouse or dependant children. The VA offers detailed information and the application for transferring your benefits.

I'm a veteran with out-of-state residence. Do I qualify for in-state tuition?
Yes, current or prospective out-of-state students, who are U.S. military veterans are eligible to pay in-state tuition. See this page for more information.

Where can I get help deciding on a major?
The newly established Gateway Advising and Major Exploration Center at UCM is available to students who have transferred to UCM or who are undecided on a major. Located in Ward Edwards, the center offers academic advising and career counseling. Contact the Gateway Center at 660-543-4721.

I already have my bachelor's degree. Can I still use my military tuition benefits?
Yes, you may use your benefits for any degree program at UCM, including both bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Is there a student group for veterans and military personnel?
Yes, the Student Veterans Organization was established at UCM in January 2012. Find out more about the group here.

What is the Command Pass?
Beginning in fall 2012, the Command Pass made it possible for all active duty military service members, Guard, Reservists and their dependents to gain free access to all Mules and Jennies home sporting events. Individuals who are eligible under this program will be provided general admission for themselves and their immediate family members upon showing their military ID at the ticket window prior to each game. The pass will be good for all regular season, home athletic events.