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Online Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching

Prepare yourself for an evolving educational landscape by earning an Online Teaching and Learning graduate certificate through the University of Central Missouri.

Our grad students call this Teaching certificate invaluable, as more schools add to their online offerings and integrate online learning into traditional classrooms. Employers are increasingly asking educational professionals to offer online classes to K–12 students. Additionally, many of our students now provide online teaching courses and resources to their colleagues to help them create online learning materials and use course management systems.

Your continued success amplifies when you further your education with one of the best online graduate certificate programs — no matter your chosen path as an educator. Whether you pursue career advancement or a career change, UCM’s Teaching certificate online program can give you an edge over the competition for online teaching jobs.

100% online, for you and your students

Learn by doing in UCM’s Online Teaching and Learning graduate certificate program. Your training will be 100% online, preparing you with the tools, knowledge and skills you’ll use in your own virtual classrooms.

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CAEP-accredited graduate program

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100% online certificate program

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Completion in 1 to 2 semesters

What you will study

This graduate certificate program prepares you for online teaching jobs that require you to teach and learn from a distance with technology. Complete our online teaching courses to learn how to integrate online or hybrid learning into your own virtual learning environments. 

Over your one to two semesters of study, you’ll take five courses. Example Teaching Certificate program courses include:

  • Foundations of Educational Technology: Start your graduate certificate studies by learning the historical, sociological, philosophical and research foundations for using technology in education.
  • Educational Product Development and Management: From basic programming to coding, this online teaching course trains you in how to use digital educational products, as well as how to create, find, evaluate and store them.
  • Online Course Development: In your final class, you develop online coursework yourself. This graduate course trains you in the latest online learning trends and brings together all the lessons you learned across your online teaching courses.

Especially in today’s global educational climate, your ability to deliver online learning gives you a competitive edge and increases your marketability for online teaching jobs.


Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning

  • The longest continuously CAEP-accredited public institution in Missouri
  • Top 15%: Most Focused Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 6%: Most Popular Colleges for Education(College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in online teaching and learning

The University of Central Missouri combines the most cutting-edge online learning technology with foundational educational principles to bring you the most effective online teachers’ strategies available. 

Our graduate certificate education offers real-world experience to prepare for online teaching jobs:

  • Innovative technology: Online teachers need to know the latest options to connect with their students virtually. The University of Central Missouri remains on the forefront of these innovations. For example, UCM launched the Mixed Reality Studio in 2020, which applies gaming technology to education.
  • Discovering new tools in real time: Some educators work in online teaching jobs with limited technology, restricting the use of course management tools. If this is you, rest assured UCM’s graduate Teaching certificate also gives you the opportunity to learn other real-world technology tools.
  • Online pedagogy: You will use constructivist teaching such as problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning and project-based learning while integrating technology, information databases and Internet resources into your classroom.


What can you do with an online Teaching certificate from UCM?

We set the stage for education years ago. UCM is the longest continuously accredited public institution by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation in Missouri. Our online Teaching certificate programs remain on the forefront of the field today, training with the latest innovations and the most current trends.

One of the best online graduate certificate programs for teaching

Graduate with an understanding of how to effectively use technology in the learning environment. This ability to integrate technology enhances any educational system or online teaching course.

Online learning is here to stay

Regardless of your particular career path, online integration makes you competitive for online teaching jobs today and for years to come. Whether you’re a K–12 teacher, university faculty and staff, corporate trainer or instructional designer, you’ll stay ahead of the competition with online teaching certificate programs.




Financial assistance options for your Online Teaching and Learning certificate

After enrolling in this graduate certificate education program, you can also apply to a UCM MS or EdS degree program. This can help you qualify for financial assistance from federal and university resources. Find out how to get help financing your education, or explore the UCM Scholarship Finder for opportunities through our graduate certificate program.

The University of Central Missouri prioritizes accessible education for students. In fact, LendEDU recognized UCM among universities with the lowest national debt.

In accordance with federal and state financial aid regulations, a student pursuing a graduate certificate must also be fully admitted to a UCM MS or EdS degree in order to qualify for financial assistance. Students are allowed to dual enroll in both simultaneously.

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Take your degree further.


UCM’s degree programs help you further your development as an educator and hone your skill set in educational technology.

Entrance Requirements

Acceptance into the program requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution and a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA.


Course Sequencing

It is important to start the certificate with the very first class, INST 5100: Foundations of Educational Technology. INST 5500: Online Course Development should be taken in the final semester. The other courses can be taken in any order.


Combination with Other Degrees

Qualified students who are interested in a graduate degree in Educational Technology may apply these courses towards an M.S. or Ed.S. degree to fulfill some of the requirements. Courses may also be applied as electives in other UCM graduate programs depending upon their specific degree requirements. Students will be required to contact the Graduate School and apply for acceptance to each program.


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