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Modern Languages, BA - Language and Culture Option

Studying Language to Learn Spanish, French or German

As organizations seek to better serve diverse communities or global clients, bilingual and multilingual candidates rise above the competition. Studying language and culture enables us to become better global citizens, receptive to new people and experiences. You can achieve it all with a Modern Languages degree from the University of Central Missouri.

Learn Spanish, French or German to be competitive in any field

Our Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages degree provides a world-class educational experience. With classes taught by tenured faculty or native speakers, many of whom are award-winning educators, you’ll achieve language fluency and multicultural awareness. A Modern Languages degree stands strong on its own, but it also works well as a second major to gain proficiency that complements another course of study.

Studying German, French or Spanish can help you be more competitive in fields such as these:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Public Relations
  • Social Work
  • Technology

This UCM program also offers Modern Languages degrees with Teacher Education and Professional Applications concentrations and a Modern Languages minor.

Studying language at UCM offers flexibility

From in-person classes at our Warrensburg campus to study abroad programs, UCM offers various means to learn French, Spanish or German. These also include hybrid and online classes.

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17:1 program student-faculty ratio


60+ countries in which to study abroad

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Tenured faculty with native speakers

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Language labs with advanced speakers

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Join Modern Languages Club

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Spanish for Healthcare online program

What you will study

Three language and culture options are available. You can choose to earn a French degree, Spanish degree or German degree. Your choice will determine your classes.

All students studying language and culture can take these popular courses at the University of Central Missouri:

  • World Literatures in Translation: Examine how original literature is changed in translation due to intellectual and social forces.
  • Cross-Cultural Cinema: Using literature and films, you’ll explore topics such as culture, globalization, migration and social justice. 

Prior language experience may place you beyond elementary-level classes in pursuit of your Modern Languages degree. We offer placement exams in French, German and Spanish. If you’ve earned the Seal of Biliteracy, you may qualify to get credit for beginning and intermediate language and culture courses.


Excellence in Modern Languages

  • UCM’s Modern Languages degree program offers students a world-class educational experience at competitive tuition rates to deliver the competitive edge necessary in an increasingly multicultural society.


Unique learning opportunities in language and culture

For a real understanding of another language and culture, the University of Central Missouri offers you hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom. Use our language labs, staffed with fluent, conversational leaders and tutors, oftentimes native speakers. Then, enhance your experience in studying language and culture through participation in:

  • Modern Languages Club: Meet up other students studying language and culture to watch foreign films and enjoy cultural events. These include Day of the Dead, Oktoberfest and Chinese New Year celebrations. 
  • Study abroad: UCM offers opportunities to take classes while living in and experiencing another country, from two-week tours to semester-long options. We are one of few U.S. universities that offer study abroad scholarships and grants.
  • Annual study trips abroad: Each year, our Modern Languages faculty leads a group of students on a trip abroad for real-world education to learn French, Spanish or German. Explore exciting cities such as Vienna, Alcalá, Berlin, Munich or others, while earning course credit.
  • The Modern Languages Foreign Film Festival: UCM hosts this annual language and culture film festival, enabling students in grades 6–12 to submit short films they’ve created in Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. They then come to campus in Warrensburg to watch the films, attend workshops and receive awards.


What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from UCM?

Alumni from the University of Central Missouri often tell us that their Modern Languages degree either landed them the job or earned them a pay raise. Your ability to interact with international clients or community members of another culture only enhances your value to potential employers. 

Studying language and culture at UCM also provides a strong foundation to prepare for law school. Sharpen your critical-thinking skills and learn to serve a multicultural audience as you learn Spanish, French or German.

Understanding the opportunities of a Modern Languages degree

You have access to your program coordinator and faculty mentors for questions related to your academic opportunities and career plans. You may also use the interactive tool below to gain insights into how a Modern Languages degree from UCM can set you on a successful career path.




Financial assistance options for your Modern Languages degree

An investment in a Modern Languages French degree, Spanish degree or German degree from the University of Central Missouri should deliver returns in your future. In the meantime, we know financial aid options are helpful, even with our average tuition fees below those of other four-year colleges across the United States. Visit our Financing Your Education page for access to the UCM Scholarship Finder, as well as for information on loans, grants and work study. 

As an undergraduate student studying language and culture at UCM, you may qualify for program scholarships such as:

  • Dalsy Deliens Brown Scholarship, available to a student who plans to learn Spanish in the major or minor program
  • Elizabeth Callaway Scholarship, available to a junior or senior student with a focus on Spanish


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Take your degree further.

With a Modern Languages degree, you have many paths to explore for an advanced education and successful career.

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Make yourself more marketable.

If you’re contemplating your career path while pursuing your Modern Languages degree in Language and Culture, UCM offers minors that pair well with this program of study:

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Explore programs related to modern languages.

As a second major, a Modern Languages degree pairs perfectly with any UCM discipline to extend your capabilities in another field of study. For example, you might choose to double-major in:



Students with prior language experience may enroll beyond the Elementary I level for French, German, or Spanish. For further guidance on which class is right for you, we offer placement exams for French, German, and Spanish. Students with the Seal of Biliteracy may qualify for credit for the beginning and intermediate language courses.

Contact the Modern Languages Program Coordinator


Modern Languages Study Abroad Opportunities



Modern Languages faculty lead an annual short-term study abroad program to Spain, which give students an opportunity to enhance their language skills and immerse themselves in the local culture. There is no better way to build on your classroom education!

 Contact the Spain Study Abroad Director



Ever year, Modern Languages faculty lead a group of students on a short-term study abroad program to Germany. Students get to explore exciting cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and more, all while earning course credit!

Contact the Germany Study Abroad Director


Support Study Abroad Opportunities

Your generous support makes life-changing study abroad opportunities possible for Modern Languages students. Please consider donating to the Modern Languages Study Abroad Fund by clicking on the link below.

Donate to the ML Study Abroad Fund


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