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Modern Languages Minor

Minor for a Languages Degree

Today’s employers demand more skills of graduates, as they work to serve culturally diverse communities and international clients. They expect you to be a global citizen, open to new people — even better when you can speak their language and understand their culture. The University of Central Missouri offers a Modern Languages minor in French, German, Spanish or Chinese that will develop these language skills without needing to complete the full bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages.

A minor in Modern Languages for any major

The Modern Languages minor is one of the top 10 graduating minors at UCM — and for good reason. It combines language study in Spanish, German, Chinese or French with your chosen discipline to provide a diverse skill set that broadens your career opportunities and moves you ahead of the competition. 

What are Modern Languages minors paired with? Some disciplines include:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • International Studies
  • Music

Because many of these disciplines already require basic language courses, a Modern Languages minor can be completed relatively quickly, which makes it a smart choice.

Varied learning options for your Modern Language degree or minor

Learn a language of your choice, from options in French, German, Spanish or Chinese, at our Warrensburg campus. Classes for our Modern Language degree and minor are taught by our award-winning instructors, who are tenured faculty or native speakers. Online and hybrid classes may be available. Our study abroad program is also open to Modern Language degree and minor students. Learning and living in another culture allows you to use your new language skills in an exciting destination while earning credit toward graduation.

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Top 10 of UCM graduating minors


Study abroad program with 60+ countries

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Tenured faculty with native speakers

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Modern Languages Club for networking

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Learn French, German, Spanish or Chinese

What you will study

What are Modern Languages? At the University of Central Missouri, you have your choice of minoring in German, French, Spanish or Chinese. You’ll complete a variety of classes, including one upper-level course, focused on that language. As a result, you’ll graduate with linguistic skills beyond the Elementary II level, in addition to cultural competency and a solid foundation for global citizenry. 

Expand your worldview with language degree minor courses such as Cross Cultural Cinema Weimar History and Culture, World Languages in Translation and courses on the German fairy tale, among others. 

Like our alumni who earn a degree in Modern Languages, you’ll also show potential employers you have vital skills for a variety of jobs. In addition to language skills in Spanish, German, French or Chinese, these include great discipline in learning, diverse communication skills and critical-thinking skills.

Previous language experience may earn you credit toward your Modern Languages minor. Ask about our placement exams in French, German or Spanish. Students with the Seal of Biliteracy may also qualify for credit towards a minor or degree in Modern Languages.


Excellence in Modern Languages

  • Ranked within UCM’s top 10 graduating minors, the Modern Languages minor allows undergraduate students to develop linguistic skills in Chinese, French, German or Spanish and cultural competency to enhance their primary area of study.


Unique learning opportunities minoring in modern languages

At the University of Central Missouri, we know students want experiences outside the classroom. Whether pursuing a degree in modern languages or a minor, you want to boost your capabilities and amplify your overall college experience. 

What are modern languages’ opportunities for a better experience?

Visit UCM language labs and converse with fluent tutors, who are oftentimes native speakers or may be pursuing a Modern Languages degree. You can also enhance your minor in Modern Languages through involvement in:

  • UCM’s study abroad program: Many students seeking their Modern Language degree or minor choose to study abroad for a summer while earning course credit. Diverse opportunities are available to you, and you may even qualify for scholarships and grants to fund the experience. Popular study abroad locations include Germany, France and Spain, but we can help you get study abroad experience and language credit in Korea, Japan or other countries.
  • The Modern Languages Club: Consider joining this club for unique ways to learn about your chosen culture, as well as others. Network with other Modern Languages degree and minor students, watching foreign films and celebrating events such as Day of the Dead and Oktoberfest.
  • The Modern Languages Foreign Film Festival: An annual event hosted by the University of Central Missouri, the Modern Languages Foreign Film Festival allows students in grades 6–12 to create and submit short foreign films. We then invite them to campus to watch the films, join workshops and receive awards.


What can you do with a UCM minor in Modern Languages from UCM?

A Modern Languages minor will add value to any UCM degree you choose to pursue. If you’re a Criminal Justice or Marketing major, for example, you demonstrate to employers your ability to communicate with people in another language. In fact, alumni often tell us their language degree earned them higher pay or a higher-ranking position.

Pursuing a Modern Languages degree

After you’ve started classes in the Modern Languages minor, you may realize you want to learn more. Within our Modern Languages program, we offer three options to earn a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and gain a deeper understanding of your chosen language and culture. Our Professional Applications concentration applies a Modern Languages degree to different fields, such as criminal justice, marketing and public relations. If you’re interested in learning several languages, we also offer a World Languages and Cultures minor.

Opportunities available for a Modern Language degree or minor

Your program coordinator and other Modern Languages faculty are available and happy to discuss your opportunities with a Modern Languages degree or minor in Modern Languages. You may also use the interactive tool below for career-specific details.




Financial assistance options for your modern languages education

A Modern Language degree or minor in German, Chinese, French or Spanish provides high value for your future. The University of Central Missouri is committed to helping you get a quality education. To do so, we offer competitive tuition rates that are less than those of many other four-year colleges across the United States. We also make available various resources to finance your education.

Search the UCM Scholarship Finder, and you’ll find opportunities for students minoring in Modern Languages. For example, the Dalsy Deliens Brown Scholarship is for Spanish students. Other scholarship opportunities become available if you choose to expand your language studies to a Modern Languages degree.



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Make yourself more marketable.


A minor in Modern Languages pairs well with any discipline. Consider these additional opportunities through UCM to further boost the value of your college education:

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Explore programs related to modern languages.


Other minors are available within the School of Social Sciences and Languages to support your desire to understand diverse populations. These include:


Modern Languages Study Abroad Opportunities



Modern Languages faculty lead an annual short-term study abroad program to Spain, which give students an opportunity to enhance their language skills and immerse themselves in the local culture. There is no better way to build on your classroom education!

 Contact the Spain Study Abroad Director



Ever year, Modern Languages faculty lead a group of students on a short-term study abroad program to Germany. Students get to explore exciting cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and more, all while earning course credit!

Contact the Germany Study Abroad Director


Support Study Abroad Opportunities

Your generous support makes life-changing study abroad opportunities possible for Modern Languages students. Please consider donating to the Modern Languages Study Abroad Fund by clicking on the link below.

Donate to the ML Study Abroad Fund


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