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Anthropology, BS

Anthropology Bachelor of Science

Study humans, past and present, in the Anthropology BS program at the University of Central Missouri. UCM’s bachelor’s degree in Anthropology teaches you how to investigate and record human nature as you dive deep into explorations of biological and cultural identity.

At UCM, you’ll learn about an exciting range of topics from supportive, expert faculty. Explore past societies with an archaeologist. Better understand human evolution from a biological anthropologist. You can even gain insight into contemporary living populations from a mentor who focuses on cultural anthropology.

While you learn, you and a tight-knit group of peers will get the support you need for your future success.

What can you do with an Anthropology degree from UCM?

UCM’s undergraduate Anthropology degree program emphasizes interactive, high-value learning activities, such as study tours, excavations, lab work, ethnographic interviews and focused internships. These practical and professional experiences teach you how to think critically, analyze data and write effectively, preparing you for a job in almost any field after graduation — both within the field of anthropology and outside it.

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15:1 program student-to-faculty ratio

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#5 best anthropology program

What you will study

The University of Central Missouri’s bachelor’s in Anthropology offers many fascinating courses. Learn about the anthropology of food. Discover the exciting world of archaeology. You can also explore hoaxes and myths in popular culture and learn to think critically about them.

Your education doesn’t stop in the classroom, though. One of our most popular courses, Anthropological Study Tour, takes you abroad to the United Kingdom. There, you’ll tour museums and historic sites and assess the material they present to the public and how they make it accessible. All classes in UCM’s bachelor’s degree in Anthropology program will help you learn about:

  • Human evolution and adaptability as they relate to biology and culture
  • Cultural diversity and the impact of globalization
  • Anthropological methods, theories and practices as they relate to field work, research and other experiences
  • Ways to apply your anthropological research, critical thinking and communication skills to a variety of professions

You’ll graduate with an understanding of the nature of humans as evolving beings, and you’ll better appreciate the cultural diversity that makes up our world.


Excellence in Anthropology

  • #5: Best Anthropology Colleges in Missouri (, 2021)


Unique learning opportunities in the study of anthropology

Gain invaluable experience as you earn your undergraduate Anthropology degree at the UCM. Exciting opportunities will help you better understand the course material and how to apply your bachelor’s in Anthropology after you graduate:

  • Internships: What can you do with an Anthropology degree? Sign up for an internship to gain practical experience applying your knowledge. Past undergraduate students earning a degree in Anthropology have worked at UCM’s McClure Archives and University Museum, historical sites, community organizations and social agencies.
  • Undergraduate research: Work side-by-side with a faculty member pursuing a research topic you’re passionate about. Students in UCM’s undergraduate Anthropology degree program have assisted faculty on their research projects. They’ve pursued research of their own under the guidance of a faculty mentor, too.
  • Field experience: Put your study of anthropology into practice. Through UCM, you can participate in both national and international hands-on activities at museums, archaeological digs, field schools and more.
  • Student life: Join other students in the Anthropology Club. Activities include networking, conferences, field trips, social outings and discussing your research and field interests. UCM’s chapter of Lambda Alpha, the national anthropology honor society, is another great way to get involved.


What can you do with an Anthropology degree from UCM?

Because of the applicable skills you’ll learn in your study of anthropology, you won’t be limited to only one professional track after graduation. What can you do with an anthropology degree, then? Pursue fulfilling careers working in:

  • Education
  • Museums
  • Local and state government
  • Federal government
  • Social agencies
  • Community groups

If your plans don’t involve immediately entering the job market, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a graduate program. Nearly half of our alumni with BS in Anthropology degrees go on to graduate school. Past students entered programs at the University of Central Missouri as well as other universities, such as New York University, Texas A&M, Tulsa University, the University of Missouri - Kansas City and the University of Wisconsin.

You won’t have to plan your next steps alone. Our program faculty will mentor you. This includes coaching workshops, so you can create effective and powerful graduate school applications to increase your chances of getting accepted.

What can you do with an anthropology degree beyond all of this?

Through the interactive tool below, discover job opportunities, salary potential and the projected career growth for students who graduate with an Anthropology degree from UCM.




Financial assistance options for your Anthropology degree

The University of Central Missouri puts your bachelor’s in Anthropology within reach. We offer many ways to help you finance your undergraduate education. This means you can graduate with a high-value degree and low student debt. Among other options, we help make college affordable by providing access to scholarships, grants, tuition awards and loans.

In addition to UCM's offerings, you can explore a variety of federal financial aid options, including federal work study.

We also offer scholarships specifically for students who focus on the study of anthropology, including:

  • Anthropology Scholarship Fund
  • John Sheets and Joy Stevenson Scholarship
  • Robert F. G. Spier Scholarship

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

Continue your education at UCM by entering a related graduate program that can deepen the skills you learned in your undergraduate degree in Anthropology.

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Make yourself more marketable.

Supplement your bachelor’s in Anthropology with a minor that pairs well with the undergraduate course material:

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Explore programs related to anthropology.

If you’re interested in the study of anthropology, you may also want to explore these other undergraduate programs at the University of Central Missouri.


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