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Sociology, BS

On Campus and Online Sociology Bachelor’s Degree

Put science behind your passion to effect community change in the Bachelor of Science in Sociology program from the University of Central Missouri. Our BS degree in Sociology prepares you for community and organizational problem-solving by building social analysis skills and an understanding of social dynamics.

Learn what a Sociology degree can do from established faculty experts. From involvement in social and political movements to experience with sociological data collection, your faculty mentors are skilled sociologists who bring their field experience to the classroom every day to help you grow. 

In fact, UCM graduates say that our knowledgeable, helpful faculty are one of the biggest strengths of our Sociology bachelor’s program.

How to choose between the BS and BA in Sociology degrees

UCM offers two Sociology degrees: a BS program and a BA program.

If you want to focus your coursework on science, analytics and community-level problem-solving, the Sociology BS may be for you. This option also offers an online Sociology bachelor’s degree for an alternative to our program on the Warrensburg campus.

If you want to learn how to become a sociologist who works with non-English-speaking populations or international organizations, you should choose the Sociology BA, which includes a foreign language component.

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98% job and grad school placement rate

What you will study

Learn to think critically about community and societal issues in UCM’s on campus or online Sociology bachelor’s degree program. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, you’ll develop the skills to work with people, analyze data and become a community leader. 

Our undergraduate classes take a scientific approach to social issues and societal problems, grounding your knowledge with historical and cultural context. Popular classes you may take include:

  • Culture and Society
  • Institutions and Social Action
  • Outsiders and Outcasts
  • Popular Culture
  • Protests, Riots and Movements
  • Social Deviance
  • Society and Self

Community research projects

Many courses in the BS degree in Sociology include small research projects. This gives you clarity about what a Sociology degree can do when you apply it to the field. One way to approach these projects is by helping community organizations answer questions with data. 

For example, you may help a local library figure out what kinds of resources it needs for their programs and operations. You could also help social services organizations figure out the best ways to recruit employees and retain them long term.

Finally, as a senior, you’ll complete two in-depth course projects in theory and research. These projects focus even more on how to become a sociologist by helping you address community-based problems that are important to you. Regardless of whether you’re joining us in Warrensburg or through the online Sociology bachelor’s degree option, you’ll start making an impact as a sociologist even before you graduate.


Excellence in Sociology

  • Graduates with BS in Sociology degrees from the University of Central Missouri have a 98% job and graduate school placement rate within one year of graduation.


Unique learning opportunities in the BS degree in Sociology

Sociologists work in the community to assess, understand and solve problems. That’s why the University of Central Missouri prioritizes hands-on, real-world experience for students who want to learn how to become a sociologist.

  • Internships: Learn how to apply social analysis in the field by completing an internship. Sociology students have interned in the past at Kansas City organizations such as the International Relations Council, Swope Health and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ambassador Program: We select several high-performing students each year for this mentorship opportunity. Selected students pair with faculty mentors to build leadership skills, speak on behalf of the Sociology programs and develop career plans.
  • Undergraduate research: Develop a research idea based on a social issue that’s important to you. Pair with a faculty mentor to learn how to explore your topic and build presentation skills. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to present your work to both on- and off-campus audiences.
  • Volunteer work: Get a better understanding of community needs by volunteering for a local social services organization. This work builds your understanding of what a Sociology degree can do and gives you real-world experience to list on your resume. You can even get course credit for your volunteer efforts.


What can you do with a degree in Sociology from UCM?

The applied theories and research skills you learn in UCM’s on campus or online Sociology bachelor’s degree program prepare you to enter the job market immediately. Most of our graduates with Sociology degrees move directly into community-level jobs. There, you work with data to improve an organization or assist the community directly through work in:

  • Fundraising
  • Health care
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Social services

You’ll be well-prepared to keep moving up from there. Employers say they like hiring UCM sociologists because they know how to work with both people and data in an organizational context. That — along with critical thinking skills gained — prepares you to work in administrative leadership. 

Through coursework in Warrensburg or the online Sociology bachelor’s degree program, you’ll also be prepared to enter graduate school. Graduates with Sociology degrees have entered master’s programs at:

  • University of Kansas
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Missouri 
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City

What a Sociology degree can do for you

Are you wondering how to become a sociologist? The interactive tool below allows you to explore job opportunities for sociologists, salary information, projected career growth and other metrics that show you what a Sociology degree can do for your future.




Financial assistance options for your on campus or online Sociology bachelor’s degree

The University of Central Missouri works hard to ensure you can afford your BS degree in Sociology. We provide you with many ways to finance your college education, including grants, scholarships and tuition awards. You can also apply for federal financial aid to cover any remaining college expenses.

As a student earning one of our Sociology degrees, you can also apply for certain UCM alumni scholarships available to Sociology majors, including:

  • Dr. James C. Britton Scholarship in Sociology and Social Work
  • Dr. Mark Wehrle Sociology and Social Work Scholarship 
  • Riley and Janet Pittman Scholarship in Sociology

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Explore programs related to sociology.


If you’re interested in the topics covered by BS in Sociology degrees, you may also want to explore further study through these UCM majors.

Professional Organizations

Two of the main professional orgnizations to which sociologists belong are the Amercian Sociological Association (ASA) and the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS).

  • American Sociological Association
  • Website:
  • Explore different areas of sociology (the environment, culture, race, biology, etc.
  • Learn about the different sections in the ASA. Sections are officially-recognized groups of sociologists who share a common interest in a specific topic
  • Learn about, and plan to attend, the annual meeting which is held in metropolitan areas across the country.
  • Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
  • Website:
  • Applied sociology is the utilization of sociological theory, methods, and skills to collect and analyze data and to communicate the findings to understand and resolve pragmatic problems of clients.
  • Explore a variety ofcareer options in the field of applied sociology.
  • Learn about, and plan to attend, the annual meeting which is held in metropolitan areas across the country.

Speak For Sociology

Speak For Sociology is a publication by the American Sociological Association that discusses a wide variety of 'hot topics'  including politics, gender, equality, and the environment.


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