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Sociology Minor

Develop a better understanding of the world around you in the Sociology minor program at the University of Central Missouri. Build social analysis skills, develop your ability for organizational problem solving and gain insight into social dynamics. Then, apply the context you learn to your undergraduate major to enhance how you approach the work in your primary field of study.

What’s more, learn from expert, experienced faculty who are well-known for their dedication to their students. Past undergraduate students have said that our knowledgeable, helpful faculty are one of the best parts of the Sociology program at UCM.

Majors that are complemented by a Sociology minor

The analytical skills and enhanced societal context you get in the Sociology minor pair well with a number of undergraduate majors. Because of its broad applications, the Sociology minor at UCM enhances your learning in Anthropology, International Studies, Criminal Justice and Criminology and Psychology particularly well.

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95% of UCM students launch their careers or begin grad school within 6 months of graduation

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What you will study

You’ll take courses in UCM’s Sociology minor program that focus on important topics such as wealth and poverty, the impact of culture, education, gender, immigration, globalization and more. 

In 18 credit hours, you’ll build an appreciation for what makes up the social world around you through lectures, discussions and engaging activities in popular courses such as:

  • Culture and Society
  • Institutions and Social Action
  • Outsiders and Outcasts
  • Popular Culture
  • Protests, Riots and Movements
  • Social Deviance
  • Society and Self

Through these classes and others, you’ll develop knowledge about key social issues and learn how to apply it contextually to your undergraduate major. For example, Criminal Justice and Criminology majors can better understand how deviance is defined and how it impacts the prison system. Political Science majors could gain more context for contemporary issues of homelessness and how it impacts related legislation. Communication Studies majors may benefit from an increased awareness of social issues to make informed decisions on how to approach a media event or cover a news story.

In the end, the Sociology minor prepares you to stand out in your future career and sets you up for impactful organizational leadership.

Learn more about Sociology through Speak For Sociology, a publication by the American Sociological Association that discusses a wide variety of 'hot topics'  including politics, gender, equality, and the environment.


Unique learning opportunities in the Sociology minor

Get the most from the undergraduate program coursework by applying your new knowledge and skills both inside and outside the classroom. The University of Central Missouri offers a number of ways for you to flex what you learn in your Sociology minor classes.

  • Undergraduate research: Learn from a faculty mentor about how to apply sociological theories to research in your primary field of study. You might even get to present your work to the campus and greater academic communities.
  • Volunteer work: Donate your time to a local organization that could benefit from your expertise and skills. Volunteering is a great way to gain first-hand knowledge of community needs while giving back to others.


What can you do with a minor in Sociology from UCM?

Make yourself more marketable with a minor in Sociology from the University of Central Missouri. Stand out in the hiring process in a wide range of fields due to the highly relevant knowledge you’ll develop, including analytical skills, appreciation for diversity, communication skills and societal context.

Past students with a background in sociology were prepared to immediately enter their professional careers or continue on to graduate school. 

Make a difference and find success in fields such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Health care
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Social services

Job opportunities for Sociology minors

Use the interactive tool below to learn about the different job opportunities, salary expectations and employment projections for jobs related to sociology.




Financial assistance options for your Sociology minor

Get a high-value education at the University of Central Missouri. In addition to affordable tuition, we offer a variety of ways to help you finance your undergraduate studies, including:

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Loan options
  • Tuition awards

In fact, UCM has been recognized by LendEDU as a top-ranked university for low student debt. That means you graduate with high earning potential without a lot of loans to repay.

Another way we put your college education within reach is by offering scholarships exclusively to students in certain undergraduate degree programs. Visit your primary major’s program page to learn more about additional scholarships and awards that may be available to you. You can also learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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If you’re interested in the topics covered in UCM’s Sociology minor, you may want to explore the following related undergraduate programs.


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