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Modern Languages - Option 1: Language and Culture BA

Cultural competency with a global focus

Have you ever thought about learning a language or making yourself a better global citizen? We will provide you with a world-class educational experience in various modern languages and help you develop both foreign language fluency and multicultural awareness. In our Language and Culture track, you’ll study a language beyond elementary skills, giving you a widely applicable skill set that pairs with virtually any course of study as a second major or minor. A second language provides great professional value in fields such as international studies, travel industry, health care, criminal justice, education, social work, business, public relations, and politics, among many others.


Study Abroad in Spain this Summer!




Please join us for the 13th annual Foreign Language Film Festival on April 3, 2020

The event will be held for language students in grades 6 through 12.

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Meet the Program Coordinator

Kristy BoneyDr. Kristy Boney is program coordinator of the Modern Languages division in the Department of Government, International Studies, and Languages. She began teaching at UCM after directing the undergraduate German language program at the University of Kentucky.  She received a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and a bachelor of arts in English and German from Georgia Southern University.





About the Modern Languages Program

Placement Exams

Students who have taken high school language courses (French, German or Spanish) may enroll beyond the Elementary I level and may apply for Validated Credit for the class(es) skipped. A student completing Elementary II with a grade of C or higher will receive three additional credit hours at no tuition charge; a student completing Intermediate I with a grade of C or higher will receive six additional credit hours at no tuition charge.

Please note that you will NOT be able to enroll yourself in courses above the Elementary I level. If you wish to be enrolled in Elementary II or Intermediate I, please email:

In the email, please include the following:

- Your name
- Your 700#
- The name and CRN of the course you wish to enroll in
- The number of years in the language taken in high school

Not sure which class to take?

While there are some course restrictions regarding prior experience (see course descriptions), many students will have some flexibility in their decision. For further guidance on which class is right for you, the following placement exams are available:

Click here for French placement exam: ebs/sawyer/french_test/

Click here for the German placement exam: ebs/sawyer/german_test/Placeme ntexamGerman.htm

Click here for the Spanish placement exam:

Study Tours

The Modern Languages program leads Study Tours to Germany and Spain. We also have connections to a range of universities in Germany, Spain, Mexico, and France where you can study abroad and develop foreign language skills.

High Quality Instruction

You will learn from faculty members who are dedicated to helping students develop real-world linguistic skills and broaden their horizons, becoming world citizens. You also can earn credit for graduation while traveling the world. The communication skills and cultural proficiency derived from languages complement any career path. Studying a language goes beyond learning grammar; it gives you solid preparation for understanding and dealing with an entirely new culture—a skill that is increasingly important in today’s global society.

Language and Culture

Study Abroad

You’ll have the opportunity to experience another culture directly by going abroad.

Modern Languages

You’ll gain a global understanding to complement any field of study.

Study Abroad in Germany

Apart from linguistic and cultural proficiency, a major or minor in a language tells a potential employer that you are flexible in learning and thinking.


Dr. Kristy Boney
Associate Professor
203 Wood Hall
Tel: (660)543-8386


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