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Elementary Mathematics Specialist MSE

Love to Teach Elementary Math?

Do you enjoy teaching elementary math? Do you like working with other teachers? If so, becoming an elementary mathematics specialist is a good option for you! UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist Program prepares graduates for a variety of leadership roles in math education—math coach, math resource teacher, math teacher in a departmentalized setting, or math curriculum specialist. However, many of our candidates choose this option simply to become more effective teachers of elementary math!

 Additional Teaching Certification

Our program leads to an advanced teaching certificate as an elementary mathematics specialist. This will open new career options for you!


Statewide Collaborative

UCM is one of six universities in Missouri working collaboratively to offer the elementary mathematics specialist program. These universities have worked together for many years to design a program that prepares you well to work as a math specialist. Courses transfer easily among these universities.


Primarily Online

Our program is almost entirely online. Some of the courses have some face-to-face sessions (never more than five a semester) that are offered in multiple locations so they are accessible to our students. Interestingly, our students like the convenience of the online format, but they consistently tell us the face-to-face sessions are the best part of our program.

If you live too far from campus to attend face-to-face sessions, please contact us to discuss other options. 

Admission Requirements

  • Current teaching certification
  • 2.5 minimum undergraduate GPA
  • Submit copy or certificate and a recent teaching evaluation



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


The Mathematics Education program at UCM is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics



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