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Master of Arts in Music

Master of Arts in Music

UCM Music’s graduate program is designed to benefit full-time teachers who wish to pursue a graduate degree, working professionals who want to develop their skills under expert guidance, and those students who intend to lay the foundation for a doctoral degree. UCM offers the Master of Arts in Music degree, a powerful, flexible program allowing students to focus their studies on those aspects of music that interest them most, including music education, conducting, Kodály, performance, and others. As of 2019, graduate students are also able to take courses in UCM’s nationally prominent music technology program, learning about audio production, electronic music, technology-based performance, technology pedagogy, and other cutting-edge topics at the intersections of sound and technology.

Required courses are offered during the evenings in both the fall and spring semesters, usually in a hybrid format allowing students on campus to participate traditionally, while off-campus students are able to join the course online. UCM has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that off-campus students are able to hear, see, collaborate, and participate from home just as if they were in the classroom. We also offer a wide range of courses and workshops, which may be taken for graduate credit, as part of every summer session.

The summer program, which focuses on music education, conducting, and Kodály, is intended primarily for full-time teachers who wish to complete a graduate degree in three successive summers, with little or no course work during the standard academic year.


UCM Graduate Music Degree Results

At UCM, we commit our students to learning by doing. Your coursework and study with UCM professors will develop the following skills:

  • Explain and interpret musicological context, analytical procedures, and musical literature in primary area of study.
  • Design and produce research (analysis, interpretation, and reporting of data) within area of emphasis.
  • Demonstrate at an advanced level a mastery of technique, musicality, and pedagogical approaches.


Graduate students in music may apply for assistantships in both the music department and in those areas of the university where assistantships do not require specialized knowledge. The student may request an application for an assistantship from the Graduate Office. Assistantships include both a fee waiver for graduate courses taken for credit and a stipend of $7500 for the academic year. Students who apply for an assistantship in music should make application by March 1 if they intend to begin graduate study the following August. Assistantships are announced by April 15 for the coming academic year.




UCM Music Summer Masters Degree

Uncommon Opportunities for Music Educators

  • Earn your Master’s degree in three summers (with some online courses) at one of the most affordable universities in the midwest
  • Engage with world class music education and conducting faculty
  • Maximize your teaching skills and musical talents with practical coursework you can apply to your teaching during the intervening years and beyond.
  • Specialize in Kodaly or Conducting 

Cyclical Schedule of Graduate Classes in Music

Summer Master’s Checklist

Kodaly Summer Institute

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Isaac Bickmore

Anthony Pursell

Adam Zrust

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Master of Arts in Music, focusing on Music Technology

Earn your master’s degree without interrupting your busy life! With UCM’s M.A. in Music, you can complete your degree in as little as two years of full-time study. Options for evening and hybrid/online courses are available to fit your schedule. Our world-class faculty members are dedicated to helping you enhance your skills and personalize your degree with the fields that interest you most, including music technology, music theory, performance, conducting, Kodály, music education, musicology, and piano pedagogy, among others. You decide which combination of coursework will help take you to the next level!

People who might be interested in pursuing a Master of Arts with a focus in Music Technology include:

Audio Engineers that want a Masters Degree so you can:

  • Expand your knowledge in your chosen field
  • Earn a degree that will enable you to teach at higher education institutions
  • Explore new creative paths and possibilities offered by the latest in music technology

Educators, so you can:

  • Create quality music technology offerings in your classroom
  • Learn more about current trends and tools that you can incorporate into your classroom.
  • Learn ways to reach students who are interested in producing, beat making, song writing, recording, or audio engineering

Composers and Performers, so you can:

  • Incorporate the latest in music technology into your creative practice including: interactive audio, data sonification, 360 spatialization, non-linear organization methods, non-traditional controllers, custom hardware, Max/MSP, and more
  • Learn to record and create professional documentation of your work using our professional studios, hardware, software, microphones, and more

Students, so you can:

  • Prepare for work in the music industry
  • Prepare for PhD studies
  • Acquire and master new skills

Sound Designers, Installation Artists, Video Artists, Theatrical Sound Engineers, and more, we can help you develop greater expertise with audio-related technology!

Many courses are available during the summer months

Our M.A. is a flexible degree with many pathways and possibilities to customize the degree to your personal desires.

All students are required by our accrediting institution to take the core curriculum, please note:

  • You can choose 11-14 units of electives, currently Music Technology offers: EMP (MUS 5410, 3 credits), Max and MSP (MUS 5195, 3 credits), Audio for X (5500, 3 credits), Electronic Music Composition (MUS 5190, 3 credits), and Seminar in Music Technology (MUS 5430, 2 credits).
  • Performance requirements can be fulfilled with Music Technology Performance studies

Contact: Dr. Eric HonourDr. Isaac Bickmore, or Dr. Jeff Kaiser


Dr. J. Franklin Fenley
HUD 123
Tel: (660)543-4974



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