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Anthropology Minor

Explore your interests in diversity, culture and human evolution in the Anthropology minor at the University of Central Missouri — a natural addition to your undergraduate major. Take classes that focus on biological and cultural identity, the study of humans past and present, globalization and other intriguing topics. Through your coursework, you can develop the context to become a more active participant in our rapidly evolving world.

Benefit from UCM’s experienced program faculty, who bring direct field experience to the classroom. That means you learn from mentors with hands-on knowledge of the course material. Among other areas, this includes work in:

  • Archaeological field research
  • Biological anthropology
  • Museum curation

Majors that complement an Anthropology minor

The skills you build studying your minor in Anthropology have wide applications, which allows you to pair it with many undergraduate majors. It complements biology, sociology, political science and history particularly well by enhancing your understanding of those degree program core course materials.

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15:1 program student-to-faculty ratio

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#5 best Anthropology program in Missouri

US News and World Report

Ranked by US News and Work Report as a Midwest Region Top Public School

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Forbes has named UCM as one of the 2021 America's Top Colleges


What you will study

As an Anthropology minor at the University of Central Missouri, you take classes that explore the nature of humans throughout the course of our evolution — both biologically and culturally. This gives you a better understanding of cultural diversity and the impact of globalization on non-Western populations. 

Core courses for the Anthropology minor include:

  • Anthropology of Food
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Human Prehistory

In addition to the core courses, each Anthropology minor can choose from a variety of special topics, including at least one upper-level class. Elective course options may include:

  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Anthropology of Gender
  • Archaeological Field Research
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Hoax and Myth in Anthropology
  • World Archeology

Excellence in Anthropology

  • #5: Best Anthropology Colleges in Missouri (, 2021)


Unique learning opportunities in the Anthropology minor

As an undergraduate student in the Anthropology minor program at the University of Central Missouri, you can learn both inside and outside the classroom about humanity and its evolution. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the course material and connect with others who share similar interests.

  • Internships: Get experience in a role that involves anthropological work. Past students held internships in museums, social agencies and community organizations.
  • Research: Work with a faculty mentor who shares your interests. Help them on research projects by collecting and analyzing data to learn what it’s like to be active in the profession.
  • Field experiences: Go into the field at both national and international locations to get hands-on experience working in museums, on archaeological digs and in other field activities.
  • Student life: Join other students interested in anthropology in the Anthropology Club. Meet monthly to discuss your research, network with peers and participate in social activities.


What can you do with a minor in Anthropology from UCM?

Prepare for a wide range of career paths with a minor in Anthropology. Students interested in pursuing a career in biology deepen their biological knowledge with a better understanding of human evolution. Students in other programs, such as political science and sociology, find that the cultural studies in an Anthropology minor enhance their careers after graduation.

No matter the job path you choose, the minor in Anthropology program builds skills that take you far, including:

  • Appreciation for diversity
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

Jobs for Anthropology minors

Use the tool below to explore job opportunities, salary potential, employment trends and other career data for graduates with experience in the anthropology field.




Financial assistance options for your Anthropology minor

Benefit from the University of Central Missouri’s high-value education. LendEDU recognized the University of Central Missouri as a top-ranked university for low student debt upon graduation. 

Our financial aid counselors help you work through the variety of ways you can finance your college education and put your education within reach. Through a combination of low tuition, grants, scholarships and loan options, we make earning your undergraduate degree an achievable goal. 

We have many scholarships available exclusively for students in certain majors. Refer to your primary major’s program page to learn more about the scholarships available to undergraduates in your bachelor’s degree program.


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