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Health Minor

HEALTH MINOR, 15 credit hours


The world we live in is changing rapidly and health is overlapping with many professional careers. A Health Minor is flexible enough to allow you to focus on your major with specialized attention in the area of health. Whether you are marketing or selling health products, analyzing health data, creating healthy environments, or influencing healthy behaviors, a Health Minor complements your career.


Students may choose any course with a HLTH prefix to meet the 15-credit-hour requirement with at least one upper-level course. Some courses may require a prerequisite course within the Health Studies program, which will also count toward the minor.


Courses without prerequisites:

HLTH 1100, Personal Health (3 cr hrs), GE

HLTH 1200, Applied Nutrition (3 cr hrs), GE

HLTH 1350, Responding to Emergencies (3 cr hrs)

HLTH 2400, Community Health (3 cr hrs)

HLTH 3300, Health Behavioral Theory (3 cr hrs)

HLTH 4310, Drugs: Addiction to Recovery (3 cr hrs)

HLTH 4330, CPR and First Aid (1 cr hr)

HLTH 4370, Pathophysiology (3 cr hrs)


Courses with prerequisites:

HLTH 3350, Epidemiology & Population Health (3 cr hrs), Prereq: PSY 3100

HLTH 3400, Health Program Planning and Evaluation (3cr hrs) Prereq: HLTH 3300

HLTH 4410, Health Program Implementation and Logistics (3 cr hrs) Prereq: HLTH 3400

HLTH 4420, U.S. Health Advocacy, Policy and Ethics (3 cr hrs) Prereq: HLTH 4410

HLTH 4450, Global Health (2 cr hrs) Prereq: HLTH 3350 



Karen Doyle, PhD, ACSM CEP
Assistant Professor
Morrow 133
Tel: (660)543-4662



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