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Counseling Center

Humphreys 131
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4060
Hours: 8 AM-12PM, 1PM-5PM
Summer: M-TH 7:30AM-12PM,1PM-4:30PM


Services Offered


At the Counseling Center, we know that everyone is an individual with unique challenges, strengths, and needs.  We strive to provide students with a range of culturally sensitive services to help you grow and succeed during your time at UCM.  

Our services are free for UCM students. In Summer, students are eligible if you are enrolled in classes or are continuously enrolled, i.e., enrolled in the Spring and Fall semesters immediately preceding and following that Summer.


Initial Assessment


In an initial assessment, you will meet with a psychologist for 45-50 minutes who will hear your concerns and assess your overall wellbeing. Through this assessment, the psychologist will provide recommendations on what can help you address your concerns. This may include offering brief individual or group therapy at the Counseling Center and/or referral to longer-term and other services on campus or in the community, depending on your needs. There are times available every week for initial assessments.


In order for the psychologist to have the information to conduct this assessment, you will need to complete some forms prior to the scheduled appointment time. You will be asked to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out the forms. If you would like to save time, you can read and print out the forms to complete before you arrive by visiting How Do I Get Started.




If you need help that the Counseling Center is unable to provide, we will recommend places where you can get what you need. Click here for additional referral resources.


Brief Individual Therapy


In individual therapy, the student meets one-on-one with the psychologist. If your concerns are something that can be addressed in brief therapy, the psychologist will offer for you to return for one or more sessions to assist you in working on those concerns.


Couples Therapy


In couples therapy, the psychologist works with you and your partner to help you have a more satisfying relationship.


Both parties have to be UCM students to be eligible. The initial assessment for students seeking couples therapy usually takes 90-120 minutes, particularly if neither student has had an individual assessment before or recently. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.


Group Therapy


Group therapy offers an opportunity to interact with others who have similar concerns. By sharing your concerns, learning to listen and support others with theirs, and seeing how you and others act in group, you can learn about yourself, consider different points of view, and learn healthier ways for coping with various issues.


A therapy group usually consists of 5 to 8 students, working with one or two psychologists. Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes for 6-12 sessions. Groups are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. To gain the benefits of group therapy, students are expected to attend all sessions.


If you are interested in group therapy, call the Counseling Center to ask about availability. All students interested in group must have an initial assessment as well as participate in a meeting with the facilitator(s) of any particular group.


Groups students have participated in include:


To learn more, see Group Counseling Brochure


Emergency Services

A psychologist is available during office hours. For persons who are experiencing urgent or life threatening concerns, an initial assessment will be provided the same day. For emergencies at other times, call Public Safety at 660-543-4123, call 911, or go directly to the emergency room at Western Missouri Medical Center at 403 Burkarth Road.


Students, parents, staff, and faculty may speak with a psychologist if they want to know what to do to help a distressed student. Additional information is available from the Counseling Center home page for parents, faculty and staff, and students who are concerned about a friend. Since psychologists are experts on human behavior, the Counseling Center staff may be of assistance in a variety of ways, such as by serving on committees or advising on program development.


Counseling Center staff can speak to organizations, groups, clubs, classes, etc., about a variety of topics related to psychological health and wellbeing. See information on our Free Subs.