Group Fitness


Group fitness encompasses any and all form of fitness that’s done in a group setting, led by a personal trainer or group instructor. There are aerobic and strength based classes that provide upbeat and challenging environments for all individuals!

Fitness Schedule


Fitness Classes Course Descriptions 

Core - Target and challenge the abdominals, back, and hips in this intense and dynamic workout. You will learn how to effectively strengthen the core using proper form and technique! (30-45 min)

Morning Rush – This class incorporates a variety of exercises to work the entire body, focusing on muscular strength and endurance, core, cardiovascular endurance, agility, and general
conditioning. Morning rush is guaranteed to jump start your day into a positive rush!!! (45-60 min)

Spin - A great low-impact workout! Your instructor will guide you over a variety of terrain with several modes of training styles: strength, endurance, and interval training. Every ride is your ride, so you have the ability to adjust your intensity making this class great for beginners AND advanced cyclists alike! (60 min)

Yoga Flow - Using the vinyasa - or flow - style, this class will focus on breath and safe alignment. Expect a moderate workout to help build core strength, cardio health, and flexibility, and walk out feeling both re-energized and relaxed. (60 min)

Zumba Gold - It takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a healthy

Dance Fitness - Dance Fitness Workout is a great way to build cardio endurance, shred some pounds, and get fit all while moving to the beat of your favorite music. (60 min)

Gentle Yoga - This class is designed for those who doubt their ability to “do” yoga because of age, inflexibility, weight or other issues. Our focus is on breathing and proper alignment in the yoga poses. We move slowly and deliberately as we accommodate different skill levels. (60 min)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) -This workout couples intervals of high intensity exercises to recovery intervals of low to moderate intensity exercises, leaving you fully satisfied and pumped for the rest of the day! Exercises will include aerobic, anaerobic, muscular strength and endurance training types. (60 min)

Tabata - High intensity interval training. Simple workouts that keep your heart rate up for 20 second intervals, and a 10 second rest in between. Bring water for breaks, there will be lots of sweating. (60 min)

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