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Study Abroad Exchange Opportunities

Why Choose a UCM Exchange?

  • UCM partners with universities abroad to provide cultural learning experiences at a reduced cost
  • Outgoing exchange students receive a $1500 International Study Grant for their first full semester 
  • Pay UCM in-state tuition and study abroad
  • Make a space for an exchange student to come to UCM from abroad
  • Housing and meals are similar to, and in some cases, cheaper than, Missouri rates

These are highly competitive opportunities because the Study Abroad office nominates only 1 exchange student per host university.  Stop by Union 302 for information or advising! 


Current Exchange Partners

Beijing University

Beijing University of Technology - China

Gain skills related to technology or business and see one of the largest economies and cultures in the world up close! A great option for students of Chinese language, Engineering, or International Business.  Academic year or Spring semester study are most recommended, but Fall only is also possible.  

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Bremen University - Germany

UCM’s key exchange partner for students interested in German language or German Language instruction. Fall semester runs October-February and Spring Semester runs March-June, so students should apply for either Academic Year (Fall and Spring) or Spring only. 

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Halmstad University - Sweden


One of UCM’s most long-standing partnerships, Halmstad University has over 200 courses available to students in English in a variety of majors. Most courses are suitable for either undergraduate level or graduate level, so this program is recommended for higher level students. Enrollment in 15 hours of credit required. Academic year or Spring semester only are ideal times to attend, since the Fall semester extends to around January 15th. 

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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) - Korea


A great way to study Korean language and culture as well as a fairly wide variety of courses in business, economics, international studies, performing arts, or political science.  Highly recommended for Academic Year, Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. 
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Kansai Gaidai University (KGU) - Japan


Located in Hirakata, Japan, KGU is a great opportunity to study the Japanese language as well as a wide variety of other courses and majors available in English. KGU is an especially good choice for Art, International Studies, and Political Science courses. Academic year, Fall, Spring, or even Summer are all recommended.  
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Linnaeus University - Sweden


Hosting about 2000 international students a year, Linnaeus offers many courses in English, as well as a variety of activities and student organizations. Most majors will find courses to suit their needs due to a large number of courses available in English. Students will be required to enroll in 15 hours per semester. Academic Year (Fall and Spring) or Spring semester are highly recommended due to the difference in Fall semester timing. Summer exchange is also available! 

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Liverpool John Moore's University (LJMU) - England


This is a unique opportunity to live and study in Liverpool! Most majors are recommended, as UCM Exchange students have full access to the available courses at LJMU.  Like many UK schools, a majority of courses take place over an academic year. Therefore, academic year (Fall and Spring) is highly recommended, but Spring or Fall single semesters can be arranged depending on class availability.  Exchange partnership is currently in negotiation and once finalized application link will be provided.  Contact SA office for more information at 660-543-4195.


Momoyama Gakuin University - Japan


An excellent way to learn the Japanese language and culture in Osaka, Japan. Recommended also for business, sociology, and international studies.  An excellent buddy and mentoring program provides a superior level of support and immersion in the campus. Due to differing semester dates, Spring semester (March to August) is highly recommended. Arrangements need to be made for the Fall semester (September to January). 

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Örebro University - Sweden


This long-standing UCM Exchange partnership offers a wide variety of courses in general education requirements or many different majors or minors. Courses are available in science, humanities, education and mathematics, as well as Swedish language and culture. Students are required to enroll in 15 hours total per semester. The Fall semester goes well into the month of January, so Spring semester or Academic Year options are recommended.

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Sungshin Women's Univeristy - Korea


A truly unique opportunity, Sungshin Women’s University is a private women’s university in Korea. Their international students make up approximately of the student population.  Courses in English are available in all their major departments, which includes Humanities, Law, Social, and Natural Sciences, Nursing, Music, Arts, in addition to many general education courses.  Fall, Spring, or Academic Year programs are all highly recommended!  Exchange partnership is currently in negotiation and once finalized application link will be provided.  Contact SA office for more information at 660-543-4195. 


TU Eindhoven - The Netherlands


Ideally suited to students at the graduate level, TU Eindhoven provides a variety of technology-related courses.  Industrial design, automotive, architecture, applied physics, and mathematics are all recommended courses. Upper-level undergraduate students may be able to apply.  

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Unitec - New Zealand


Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Unitec offers a wide variety of subjects amid the natural beauty of New Zealand. A fairly wide selection of courses in management, marketing, performing and screen arts, architecture, construction, nursing and computing systems is available. Fall, Spring, or Academic Year options are all highly recommended. 

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University of Alcala (UAH) Instituto Franklin - Spain


Located near Madrid, Spain, students studying at UAH can enjoy picturesque surroundings and deep literary and historical culture. The Instituto Franklin offers Spanish language instruction of all levels, as well as business, political science, international studies, and even Spanish for Healthcare Professionals.  Fall or Spring semesters are highly recommended. Exchange partnership is currently in negotiation and once finalized application link will be provided.  Contact SA office for more information at 660-543-4195.


University of Angers - France


Study Abroad in western France at the University of Angers.  Students with high proficiency in French can expect a wide variety of available courses. Many courses are also available in English for students studying International Business, Management, and Business Law, and Engineering.  Courses are also available for English literature and Chemistry. Fall or Spring semesters are recommended, as well as some business-related courses in the Summer semester. 

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University of Seoul (UOS) - Korea


Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Korea at the University of Seoul. Students are supported by a vibrant international community on campus, including a buddy system with UOS students.  Korean language and culture, international business, international studies, and political science students will all find plenty of available courses. Fall, Spring, and Summer programs are all highly recommended! 

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University of South Wales - UK


Located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, students at USW enjoy a setting full of both very old and very new elements.  The location offers many historical buildings, castles, old Victorian shopping, and newer malls. UCM students have full access to the courses at USW so most majors will find something to fit their degrees. Like most UK schools, most courses at USW go over the academic year, Fall and Spring, so enrollment for the Academic Year is highly recommended. Spring-only semesters can be arranged based on course availability.

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Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) - Croatia


Study business, economics, finance and management in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia!  Since this university is AACSB accredited, this is the best opportunity for students to gain major credits for the School of Business Administration: Division of Business Analytics. Most courses are offered in English.  Fall, Spring, or Academic Year programs are all highly recommended for UCM students! 

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ISEP Exchange - Over 140 Partner Universities!

UCM is proud to be a 30-year member of ISEP, a non-profit organization of over 140 Universities worldwide.  An ISEP exchange student pays UCM Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Meals, and does not pay out of pocket for tuition, housing or meals at their host university. Due to a large number of available choices, students need to review options at ISEP and set an advising appointment at the UCM Study Abroad office to apply and be nominated.


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