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Mo Abroad Featured Programs


UCM has developed unique learning opportunities that are both world-class and highly accessible. 


Featured Programs

Consortium for Transatlantic Scholarship and Study (CTSS)

CTSS is one of UCM’s most long-standing programs. In this affordable program (usually less expensive than a semester on campus at UCM!), UCM teachers and other professors collaborate to make innovative course offerings available at the University of Alcala, near Madrid, Spain. 12 credit hours. No visa required, as the program is less than 90 days. Offered only in the Spring.

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Missouri-London Program at the University of Roehampton

Study in the Fall, Spring, or Summer at this prestigious university in the middle of London. Surprisingly affordable for a London University, UCM students are afforded unique discounts. A wide variety of course topics available for general education requirements or key major/minor course.  
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Mo-Greece at the American College of Greece

Programs available in Fall, Spring, or Summer available. Located near the Olympic facilities in Athens, Greece. Fantastic support for study abroad students. Very affordable, visa support, and many, many course options.

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Perottis College

Perottis College (also known as the American Farm School). A great, and affordable, option for many UCM students, especially related to Agriculture or Ag Business. Close involvement with local wine and olive industries. Fall, Spring and Summer programs available

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