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Mules Abroad Roadmap

Thinking About Studying Abroad - You've Come to the Right Place!

At UCM, students have a wide variety of study abroad options. This allows our students to find experiences abroad that suit their individual needs and goals.  This also makes for a lot of decisions, and we are here to help!

Below is a general roadmap to help guide you in your decision-making, and to help you find out about the options that best suit you! We hope this is a helpful resource, but be sure to stop by the Study Abroad office for an information session or advising soon!

Note: Each student who studies abroad will receive an International Study Grant up to $1500 to make these opportunities more accessible.  


Map Your Trip


Steps To Take 


Important Questions

  • What locations interst you and why?
  • What Classes do you need (or not)?
  • What do your finances look like?
  • When is a good time to study abroad?

Attend a Study Abroad Information Sessions

Attend Study Abroad Fair (Sept & Feb)

Key Resources


  • Study Abroad Office
  • Success Advisor
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Faculty Advisor


Steps to Take


  • Search the program database for location,  term, or keyword
  • Apply to 1-3 programs that meet your interest/needs
  • Set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Office
  • For faculty-led study tour, apply and set up a meeting with that faculty member
  • Many programs require an additional application
    for that specific program, so check in with the Study
    Abroad Office to make sure!
  • Trouble finding a good "fit"? Visit the Study Abroad
    Office for advising!
  • Make sure to complete all the "Pre-Decision" steps in 
    your application 

Key Resources





Steps To Take


  • APPLY for a passport if you don’t have one. Before you do anything else!
  • Complete required content in your application 
  • Make a Study Abroad advising appointment
  • Complete substitution forms for all courses taken abroad
  • Make copies of your passport
  • If required, prepare documents for visa applications (sooner is always better!)
  • Apply for visa (if required) 90 days before your program start
  • Wait until you  receive an official acceptance letter from the person 
    in charge of your program abroad
  • Attend the REQUIRED Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation


Key Resources


  • Study Abroad Office
  • Host University Contact (for semester abroad)
  • Faculty Leader (for faculty-led programs)



Steps To Take

Key Resources 

  • Plan needed items for luggage
  • Check with your bank and phone carrier to see your options abroad
  • Communicate flight and location information to host university abroad as well as key family/friends here in the US
  • Fly Safe! The Pre-Departure Orientation Handbook has many tips for travel
  • Study Abroad Office
  • Host University abroad      
  • Faculty Leader (for faculty led)                                                                                                  


Steps To Take

Key Resources

  • Make sure to notify the Study Abroad Office if your classes change
  • Make satisfactory progress on your courses
  • Still, don’t get too busy--have some fun and get to know your location
  • Reach out if you’re having trouble with classes
  • Make friends and be safe
  • Your teachers
  • Your host coordinators or faculty leader                  


Steps To Take Key Resources
  • Bring all syllabi back from abroad in case there are questions about substitutions
  • Transcripts often come back 2-3 months after the end of the program, so be patient
  • Get involved with Study Abroad and share your experiences with other students!
  • Study Abroad Office                                                                              



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