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"After studying abroad, most students never view their education the same way again. They return home with a reinvigorated interest in academic pursuits and a renewed passion for learning. Studying abroad equips students with real-life, hands-on skills that no classroom can match" - A Parent Guide to Study Abroad



Personal Skills and Growth

In an ever growing global community, students who have studied abroad become more attractive candidates for employers around the world. They have skills and character traits that give them a cutting edge. Students who study abroad gain:

  • Cross-cultural awareness; which is known to lead to success when working on a diverse team.
  • Ability to look at complex issues from many different perspectives and solve problems efficiently
  • Linguistic skills; creating more marketability and understanding
  • Adaptation; leading students to be able to navigate new and different experiences successfully

Besides gaining these skills, students who study abroad are more confident and independent. Study abroad gives students a chance to grow in a way that no other academic setting can provide.


Study abroad is a character-building, career enhancing, academic experience that is beneficial to all students in all majors. Studying abroad is more practical, affordable and simpler than ever before. The Study Abroad program at UCM supports and guides our students to have the best experience possible. We make sure that courses taken abroad transfer back to students' desired majors and that expected graduation dates will not be delayed. Each student is assigned a Study Abroad Adviser who assists in finding the best fit program for their degree.


Studying abroad is more affordable now than ever. UCM students may use all financial aid, student loans, scholarships and grants to fund their study abroad excursion. Grant funding may be available as well.

More Information

Parents are welcome to attend one of our Study Abroad 101 sessions. You can also visit our FAQ page. If you are interested in learning more on how you can support your student here at UCM with their study abroad experience, you can purchase A Parent Guide to Study Abroad  for under $10.00. This quick and easy read gives detailed information on finances, funding, safety, support and transitioning back home.


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