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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment with my academic advisor?

If you are a current student click this button to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are not a current student you will need to call or stop by the Success Advising Center at 660-543-4721 or in Union 128.

How do I use MySchedule for enrollment?

How do I get my holds removed?

Different offices on campus may put a hold on your account because you have not provided them with something (forms, official transcripts, money) or because they need to speak with you prior to your enrollment. If you have any holds on your record, you will not be able to add or drop any classes for the current or future semesters. It is important to know what the hold is for and which office has placed it on your account.

You can check your account for holds by logging into MyCentral. Choose the "Student" tab, then "Records and Registration," and then click "Holds" in the top right-hand corner in the dark grey bar, If you have a hold, it will tell you which office has put on the hold. Contact that office as soon as possible to clear the hold. Success advisors can only remove advising holds, not other holds.

What do I do if I have a hold on my account and need to drop or withdraw from a course?

Visit your college's academic advising office, and they can assist you in dropping or withdrawing from courses with a hold on your account. You will not be able to add courses until the hold is removed.

Why do we take General Education?

General education isn't simply a collection of courses or lectures. General education cultivates fundamental skills that will help you succeed in your major and your career; general education improves your ability in areas such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving. General education helps you demonstrate your ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings, and general education enhances your development of a sense of social and civic responsibility.

How do my credit hours transfer to UCM?

In order to have credits transfer to UCM, request your previous institution to send a copy of your official transcript showing the transfer credits to the UCM Admissions Office (WDE 1400). The Admissions Office posts all transfer work to your UCM record. Make sure that your final grades are on the transcript before having it sent to UCM. If you earned a degree at another institution, make sure that the degree is listed on your transcript.

Once transcripts are entered onto UCM's system, your courses will appear on your Central Degree Audit (on MyCentral). Courses that have been articulated to UCM's courses will be on the Course Equivalency site and will automatically be listed on your audit as equivalent to a UCM course. You should meet with your academic advisor with questions or if there are courses that have not been articulated.

When do I enroll in classes for next semester?

Enrolling in your courses is one of the most important things you will do each semester. Each student is assigned a particular Enrollment Access Date based on hours earned, not including hours in progress. Hours earned can be found on your unofficial transcript on MyCentral. Because classes and sections can fill quickly, students are strongly encouraged to complete their enrollment on this date. You may access MyCentral beginning at 12 a.m. on your enrollment access date.

Who do I speak with regarding Studying Abroad?

Study abroad is arranged through the Center for Global Education (CGE) located in Elliott Student Union 302. The CGE has a Study Abroad advisor who can speak with you about where and when to study abroad. Your academic advisors can assist you with some of the study abroad forms, but it is up to you to complete all documents to have coursework return to UCM and be counted as a specific requirement.

What is the Missouri Innovation Campus (MIC)?

 The Missouri Innovation Campus was designed through a collaborative effort of business partners, the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, Metropolitan Community College and the University of Central Missouri. The goals of The MIC are to connect businesses to a trained workforce that has specific skill sets, make students competitive in the marketplace and reduce training costs. The Missouri Innovation Campus also uses an accelerated model designed to reduce student debt and increase retention and degree completion.

Where can I find information about internships?

A great resource for finding an internship is the Office of Career and Life Design Center.

To learn more about internships in your major, see your Program Coordinator


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