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Using Schedule Planner to Search for Classes

What is "MySchedule"?

“MySchedule” is a software application that allows students to quickly and easily plan optimal class schedules.  Students can use MySchedule to see ALL possible combinations of schedules that are available based on the specific courses and break times (work, athletic practice, etc.) that are chosen.

When should I use MySchedule?

Students can begin planning schedules using MySchedule as soon as the course offerings are available in MyCentral. Fall course offerings are available in late January, spring course offerings are available in mid-September, and summer course offerings are available in mid-December.

It is recommended to begin planning your course schedule early and then revisit the course offerings and MySchedule closer to your enrollment access date to see which courses are still available.

Students maximize their chances of getting the courses they want by enrolling in all classes early on their enrollment access date. Students may begin enrolling at 12am (midnight) on that date. Approximately 750 students enroll each day, so one day can make a big difference in your schedule!

How do I use MySchedule? 

  1. Log into MyCentral.  (Don’t know how to log into MyCentral? Contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 or via e-mail at 
  2. Go to the Student/Records and Registration tab and click on MySchedule (below your profile picture).
  3. Choose the semester for which you wish to build a schedule.
  4. Choose the campus location(s) you are most interested in 
  5. Add the courses you wish to take using the Search box on the left-side of page.  There is no limit to the number of classes you can include – so give yourself plenty of options. You can search by course name, course number, or course title.
  6. You can add any breaks that you wish to have (optional), such as your work schedule by using the calendar on the right-side of page.
  7. You can "pin" courses to the calendar that you certain you want to add to your schedule and uncheck those courses you are not sure about but don't want to delete yet.
  8. You can save a schedule so that you can refer to it at any time. Your success may also save a schedule for your review.
  9. When you have found your best schedule, click on Get This Schedule, you will then click on the Do Actions button, this will complete the registration process. If you have prerequisites errors or other registration errors, they will be listed in the Results column for your review. 

More Tips for Using MySchedule

Click on the TIPS link at the top to learn more about:

  • marking personal times (work, sports, tutoring, etc) in the calendar
  • how to pin a class
  • how to browse using the arrow keys
  • how to filter
  • how to share your favorite schedule

To view a helpful video please click this link.

To view a helpful How-To Guide click this link.


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