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High School Dual Credit

Humphreys 410
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Toll Free: 877.729.8266, ext. 23
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Dual Credit Questions

Dual Credit FAQs

What is dual credit?
Dual credit is a program specifically designed for high school students who are ready for the challenge of college academics.  The program enables high-performing students to simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit for coursework completed in the high school classroom.  If your high school offers a University of Central Missouri course that has been approved for dual credit, and UCM academic officials have approved your classroom teacher to teach the course at your school. 

Student Eligibility:
To participate in UCM’s dual credit program, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:           

Dual credit students are expected to be proficient in the English language. Dual credit classes contain university level material and a certain level of English proficiency is necessary. Students should discuss this with their guidance counselor to ensure that their language skills are such that dual credit classes are a good choice.

How much will it cost?
Dual credit tuition is $85 per credit hour. Tuition may be paid by cash, personal check, money order, debit card or web-check. 

Dependents of UCM employees may reduce dual credit tuition costs by 50 percent if they participate in Central’s Educational Development/Assistance Program.  Application forms for the EDAS Program are available from, and should be returned to, the UCM Human Resources Office.

Must I pay the full tuition when I enroll?
After admission and enrollment is completed by Dual Credit Office, the student will receive a paper bill in an envelope marked "Dual Credit Bill". The tuition should be paid at a rate of 25% per month with the entire tuition amount being paid in full prior to the end of the semester.
*The tuition pay periods for summer differ, please contact the dual credit office for more information.

How do I enroll?
Students who are interested in enrolling in dual credit can complete an application online or print out a pdf application to fill out and mail in. Instructions on how to enroll can be found at You should complete the Dual Credit Online Signature Page or PDF Enrollment Form; then have your principal, counselor, or teacher verify your eligibility and sign the Enrollment Form. The completed forms should be returned to your dual credit teacher who will submit your paperwork to UCM.

What if I’m in the class, but don’t want college credit?
You may stay in the class and take the course for high school credit.  Only students wanting college credit should fill out the dual credit enrollment paperwork.  Once an Enrollment Form is sent to UCM, the student is enrolled in the course for college credit. If for any reason you change your mind and do not want it for college credit you can drop the class before the drop deadline with out penalty.

What if I enroll for dual credit and later decide I want to drop the college enrollment?
After enrolling, a dual credit student may drop/withdraw from the college portion of the dual credit course.  In order to drop a dual credit course, a Dual Credit Drop Form must be completed. Drop dates and corresponding refunds are included on the Drop Form. To drop the college portion of the dual credit course, students must submit a signed, written drop request to the Dual Credit Program Coordinator, 410 Humphreys, UCM, Warrensburg, MO 64093.  Dropping the course at the high school or rearranging a student’s high school schedule does not drop or withdraw the student from UCM enrollment.

Will I receive a student ID?
Upon teacher request, students are issued temporary ID cards that allow them to use Central’s computer labs and the James C. Kirkpatrick Library.  Temporary IDs do not entitle students to reduced admission at UCM activities, including sporting events.

Will I receive a UCM grade report?
Students will not receive a grade card from University of Central Missouri.  The final grade as shown on the high school grade card will be recorded on the student’s transcript at Central.
Transcripts can be forwarded to other colleges and universities upon request to the Office of the Registrar. Students can fill out a transcript request form on their MyCentral ( or by sending a paper request to: WDE 1000, UCM, Warrensburg, MO 64093.  Each mailed transcript cost $5.00. For additional information, call the REGISTRAR @ (660) 543-4900.

Will the college credit I earn transfer to other colleges/universities? 
In accordance with statewide guidelines, college credit earned through Central’s dual credit courses offered in the high schools shall be eligible for transfer between public and independent institutions within Missouri.  However, dependent upon the course, major area of study, and/or institution, the credit may or may not satisfy individual program requirements. Search course transfer equivalencies here.