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Innovation Track

Students can potentially complete a four-year college degree within three years of their high school graduation.

Innovation Track Degree Completion Scholarship

First time-full time degree-seeking students who began the Innovation Track in the summer of 2016, or later, will be considered for a $500 scholarship during their final semester at UCM. Scholarship proceeds will be credited to your account on your graduation semester.

To remain eligible for the $500 Innovation Track Degree Completion Scholarship, you must:

Maintain continuous enrollment.

You must attend each fall/spring semester from when you begin college until you graduate.

Students suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons will not remain eligible.

Maintain full-time enrollment as a degree-seeking student.

You must take at least 12 credit hours each fall/spring semester.

Graduate in at least four years.

Follow the established four-year plan for your major as closely as possible and avoid repeating classes in order to graduate within at least four calendar years. For example, if you are admitted and become a full-time degree seeking student at UCM in the fall semester of 2016, you must graduate by the end of the summer semester of 2020.

Apply for graduation from UCM by the deadline and have your candidacy approved for that semester.

Spring and summer graduation deadline: Nov. 15

Fall graduation deadline: April 15