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Innovation Track

Students can potentially complete a four-year college degree within three years of their high school graduation.

Innovation Track FAQ

What is Innovation Track?
The Innovation Track is a guided pathway to completing college credits at the university while in high school. Upon high school graduation, you can potentially complete a four-year college degree within three years. To receive all the benefits from the Innovation Track, you are encouraged to start as early as possible. Contact your high school counselor to get started.

What are the benefits of the Innovation Track?
You will save money, gain access to university resources, and receive many more benefits.

What are the requirements to participate in the Innovation Track?
To be eligible students must meet UCM's Dual Credit Student Eligibility criteria.

What courses are available?
Innovation Track opens the university to you. Contact your Innovation Track Advisor to discuss what courses best fit your educational goals.

How do I apply and enroll in the Innovation Track?
First complete an online Application for Admission as a "Dual Credit (High School)" student. There is no application fee when you apply as a dual credit student. At the end of this process you will be prompted to print the dual credit Enrollment Form - you may also pick up a form at your high school. Plan to meet with your Counselor and Innovation Track Advisor to decide what courses you should take. Once you know what classes you want, take the signed form back to your counselor or advisor for processing by the UCM Dual Credit Office. Make sure to turn your form in as early as possible as seats fill quickly on campus!

Where do I search for classes at UCM?
There are three ways to look up classes online.

Are textbooks provided?
Textbooks will be provided by your high school for all courses taught at the high school. Textbooks for online courses and courses taken at the UCM campus will be the responsibility of the student.

Will I receive a UCM student ID?
Once you receive your student schedule, you will want to get your UCM ID card. Bring your printed schedule and a state-issued ID to the OneCard Office located in the Elliott Student Union.

What do I have access to UCM?
As an Innovation Track student you are a UCM student. You have access to student support services and activities such as:

How much does it cost?
Innovation Track students pay the Dual Credit tuition rate of $85 per credit hour. By taking classes through the Innovation Track you could save up to 60% off tuition per course.

Are there scholarships available?
Yes. Scholarship and tuition assistance opportunities are available.

Do UCM employees qualify for additional tuition assistance?
Yes, full-time UCM employees may reduce the tuition bill of their dual credit student by an additional 50% by participating in UCM's Educational Development/Assistance program.

How do I pay my bill? Do I need to pay the full tuition amount when I enroll?
We encourage you to pay the tuition balance in full as soon as possible. You will receive a billing statement in the mail shortly after enrolling. Log in to MyCentral (student portal) to pay using a credit card. Payments can also be mailed (check or money order) or made in person at the Student Financial Services Office located in Ward Edwards. All account balances must be paid in full before the end of the semester. A payment plan option may be available.

Is federal financial aid available?
No, Dual credit students are not eligible for funding from Federal Student Aid programs.

Can I use my dual credit from other institutions towards the Innovation Track? How do I transfer dual credit earned at other institutions to UCM?
Yes. Request that the other institution(s) Registrar Office send official transcripts to the Office of Admissions. We’ll evaluate these transcripts to determine how this credit can apply toward a Central Missouri degree. Search our Transfer Equivalency Guide to see how those credits transfer.

What happens if I join the Innovation Track but don’t attend UCM after graduating high school?
While you still benefit with earned hours towards a college degree, students who do not attend UCM will not be eligible for the $500 scholarship. You would lose your status as an Innovation Track student and might not reap the full benefits of this program.

If I drop a dual credit course, will it show in my UCM transcript?
If you drop a course before the 100% refund date for the course, there will be no record of the course withdrawal on your transcript. If you drop a course after the 100% refund date for the course, you will receive a grade of "W" (withdrawal) on your transcript. A "W" grade has no impact on your grade point average. However, if you retake the course later your most recent grade earned would replace the W as your final grade.

I’m a senior in the Innovation Track program and it’s time to transition to UCM as a full-time college student, what do I need to do?
Contact your Innovation Track advisor for details. Also be sure to take advantage of our workshops, at your high school, to receive information on financial aid and other college readiness topics.

Will the college credit I earn transfer to other colleges/universities? 
In accordance with statewide guidelines, college credit earned through UCM dual credit courses shall be eligible for transfer between public and independent institutions within Missouri. However, dependent upon the course, major area of study, and/or institution, the credit may or may not satisfy individual program requirements. Search for your transfer college/university in the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

How do I request a transcript?
Students who earned dual credit through UCM may request an official UCM transcript online, in person, by mail, or by fax.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Please contact Sara Karnowski, Advisor for the Innovation Track at (660) 543-8351 or You may also contact your high school counselor to make an appointment at the high school.