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Extended Studies

Humphreys 410
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Corporate Certifications/Workshops

SPLPStrategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP) Certification

Strategic Negotiating Foundation (SNF)

In this dynamic, full-day workshop participants are taught valuable negotiating skills as well as a practical framework to effectively negotiate agreements, of any kind. Regardless if learners negotiate buy/sell agreements, partnering strategies, labor disputes, or customer support issues, this course teaches an approach that efficiently uncovers if and where mutual benefit exists so agreements become possible. This workshop has participants divide into multiple mock companies and they are tasked with helping their team successfully negotiate agreements based upon various business simulations.

The simulations come from real-world cases that cover unique negotiating circumstances to provide a well-rounded learning experience. The negotiations are video recorded to facilitate discussion, critique, and enhance the depth of learning. Each participant has the opportunity to assume specific tasks as their team engages a prospective partner company in order to execute a "win/win" agreement. Each member uses valuable skills learned in the course to build and execute a negotiation strategy that leads to a sound deal for both organizations. Cost: $995.00. Enroll Now

Strategic Partnering Foundation (SPF)

This action-packed, one-day workshop methodically introduces several tools and techniques that equip participants with the know-how to architect successful partnerships. Learners work in teams to develop partnering strategies, evaluate prospective partners, and learn the imperatives to building long-term partnerships. This course emphasizes topics that include, partnership strategies, effective dialog, power analysis, opening statements, and seeking mutual value. Rather than endure a traditional, lecture-based course, this workshop utilizes business-to-business partnership simulations (case studies) to give all learners the opportunity to immediately apply new skills taught in the course. Participants are divided into teams and each person assumes an executive role within a mock corporation.

Initially, the executive team members collaborate within their own company to build a growth strategy (via B2B partnership) based on an evaluation of their company's current situation (SWOT analysis). Next, the mock companies engage in a multi-round simulation to collect and share information about each other's company as a means to evaluate a potential strategic partnership. Participants use their new skills to discover, evaluate, and articulate unique value propositions both within their firm and to their prospective partner. This course emphasizes the value of developing a solid Strategic Partnering Plan (SPP). The culminating evaluation is to determine how well each team positions their company for a successful, long-term partnership. This course is the prerequisite to the Strategic Partnering Intermediate (SPI) course. Cost: $995.00. Enroll Now

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Extended Studies

Humphreys 410 
Toll Free: 877-729-8266, ext 22
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