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Summer Session

Make an Impact Sooner - Enrollment Now Open for Summer Courses

Whether you need to retake a course, have switched majors or gotten off track to graduate in four years or want to graduate early so you can jump start your career, UCM’s summer courses offer the right solutions for you. Summer courses at UCM give you the opportunity to get ahead and stay on your path to graduation. 

Courses are offered in 6-, 8- or 12-week sessions on the Warrensburg and Lee’s Summit campuses, as well as online! 

Benefits of taking classes over the summer:

  • Enjoy shorter course timelines. Get the same excellent academic experience in less time.
  • Graduate sooner. Stay on target to graduate in four years.
  • Lighten your fall/spring course load. Do you have a fall/spring semester you’re dreading? Taking summer courses will lighten your course load and keep you on track!
  • Improve your grades. Didn’t get the grade you hoped for? Retake a course to improve your GPA.
  • Learn on your schedule. Between our Warrensburg campus, Lee’s Summit campus and online course options, you’re bound to find something that works for your busy life.
  • Receive extended Pell for summer courses. Students can now receive up to 150 percent of their scheduled Pell Grant award for an award year with the year-round Pell Grant program!
  • Get the credit you need for your career. Does your job require you to get continuing education credits to get promoted? Summer courses at UCM offer working professionals such as educators the option to get the extra credit they need to accelerate their career.

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What You Need to Know About Summer Sessions with UCM

Financial Aid

We have great financial aid options to finance your summer education, including extended Pell Grants. To determine your extended Pell Grant eligibility, click here.

Visiting High School/College Student

UCM summer courses are great options for students that attend other colleges and want to get extra college credit over the summer! Our credits transfer easily and can help you get ahead! High school graduates can also benefit by getting ahead with UCM summer courses.

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Student Services

K-12 Summer Camps

This summer UCM is providing online STEAM programming for children ages 8 to 14.   Learn about topics such as video game design and animation, inventing, programming, coding and YouTube content creation. Registration is now open!  See the summer camps page for specific courses, dates, and times.

Kodály Summer Institute

Kodály Summer Institute

The Kodály Summer Institute at UCM has been training public and parochial, K-8 music educators teaching in Missouri and surrounding states since 1997.  Educators receive teacher training, under the direction of world- renown instructors in the Kodály approach to music education, where learning how to instill the love of music in every student and enabling every learner to become musically literate is paramount. Age-appropriate teaching methods and materials, the use of musical tools and activities that enhance the learner's ability to grasp concepts, and flexibility and creativity in the teaching/learning process will be used.

To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand. ~ Zoltan Kodály

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers academic and cultural programming for students at the University of Central Missouri. It is our goal to provide English language learners the skills they need to be successful in the university, their careers, or in specialized language programs. 

Join Us This Summer 

UCM is ready to help you make the most of your summer.  Use the Web to learn more about UCM's summer session dates. You can browse for courses by academic department or session dates.




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