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Dual Credit High School

 What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit is a program specifically designed for high school students who are ready for the challenge of college academics.  The program enables high-performing students to simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit for coursework completed in the high school classroom.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dual credit?

  • Increased or weigthed GPA. Turbo charge your race to the top of your high school ranking.
  • Saves Time. Finish your college degree faster by meeting high school and college requirements at the same time. The earlier you start the more credits you can earn through dual credit. Complete 30 credit hours while in high school and shave an entire year off college. 
  • College Readiness. Experience college-level coursework and expectations. Prepare early, build confidence and be ready for college rigor.
  • Saves Money. Stretch your college fund or graduate with less student loans. Dual credit courses have a reduced tuition rate that saves you 70% per credit hour. When combined with other discounts available only through dual credit, they save you thousands of dollars over the course of a college degree.  See figures below.


Cost comparison for 1 year of college (based on 30 credit hours)

Dual Credit

Tuition per credit hour ($87.50) $2,625
Admission Fee $0
Books (provided by HS) $0

General Fees

Campus Living Expenses $0
TOTAL $2,625

UCM Undergraduate

Tuition per credit hour (in-state) $6,690
Admission Fee $30
Books ~$725

General Fees ($30.10 per cr)

Campus Living Expenses ~$8,500
TOTAL $16,848

Dual credit you can save 85% of the first-year of college

Do I qualify?

 To be eligible to enroll in dual credit courses at UCM, you must meet the following criteria:

11th or 12th graders with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher


      Are automatically eligible for dual credit courses.
11th or 12th graders with a cumulative GPA between 2.5-2.99


      Will need a signed letter of recommendation from their Principal OR
10th graders with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher


      Will need a signed letter of recommendation from their Principal AND
9th graders with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

     Must have a minimum ACT, or SAT, score of 28 (90th percentile)
     and a letter of recommendation from their Principal AND Counselor.


Students wishing to enroll in English, Math or Chemistry courses, must also meet university course placement.

How do I apply and enroll?

Steps to apply and enroll in high school dual credit courses

Watch these video tutotials to learn how to apply as a dual credit student and how to enroll or follow the steps below.

You must apply for admission to UCM (even if you plan to attend a different institution) in order to receive the credits. This application is specific to this credit so it won't affect any other admission plans you may have. 

  1. On the Admissions page, select "Other Applicant Types" to begin your application. Then, scroll down to "Early College Programs" and click "Apply".
  2. Select "Create an account" and register by following the prompts.  
    • Attention: If you already have an application record at UCM, you don't have to re-apply. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to complete your registration.
  3. Click on "start new application" and choose "Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking".
  4. Complete the following the next steps of the application Enter your personal information on Step 1 of the application.
  5. On Step 2 select the semester you are applying for high school dual credit (usually it's the semester you're in now).
  6. Next select the option that best describes your current situation.
  7. Complete the rest of the application, then submit your application. 
  8. Your application fee will be waived. Fees will adjust within 48 hours. 
  9. Print this enrollment form and turn it in to your dual credit teacher, or guidance counselor, by their deadline.


What if I have previously applied to UCM?

If you have applied and/or received credits from Central before, you don't need to re-apply. Print this enrollment form and turn it in to your dual credit teacher, or guidance counselor, by their deadline.

Are there deadlines?

 Yes, high schools must submit student enrollment applications to UCM by the deadlines below. Schools may impose earlier deadlines for their students in order to meet UCM's.


Fall 2019 Deadlines

September 6 - Enrollment forms due to UCM

October 18 - Last day to drop college courses with no tuition penalty (100% refund) 

November 15 - Last day to drop college courses with a grade of "W" (full tuition penalty)


Spring 2020 Deadlines

January 17 - Enrollment forms due to UCM

March 13  - Last day to drop college courses with no tuition penalty (100% refund) 

April 10 - Last day to drop college courses with a grade of "W" (full tuition penalty)

How much does dual credit cost?

Dual credit tuition is $85 per credit hour for the Summer 2019 semester. Tuition will increase to $87.50 per credit hour starting Fall 2019. 

Once enrolled you will receive a billing statement in the mail.  You may also access your billing statement anytime through MyCentral. Tuition may be paid in installments at a suggested rate of 25% of your total balance each month. Tuition must be paid in full by the deadline on your billing statement to avoid late fees and further consequences. 

What if I enroll for dual credit and later decide I want to drop the college enrollment?

There are a few things to know about dropping a college course:

  • Dropping the course at the high school, or rearranging your high school schedule, does not automatically drop your UCM enrollment. In order to officially drop a dual credit course, you must complete and email a drop form to the UCM Dual Credit Office. Please see deadlines section above.
  • If you drop a course by the 100% refund date, there will be no record of the course withdrawal on your transcript (your permanent academic record).
  • If you drop a course after the 100% refund date, you will receive a grade of "W" (withdrawal) on your transcript. A "W" grade has no impact on your college GPA but may affect your financial aid eligibility after high school.

Will I receive a student ID?

UCM ID cards are available at our ID center located in Union 307. A government-issued picture ID and printed course schedule will be required.

Your UCM ID gives you access to the bookstore, library services, performing arts and sporting events, as well as access to the Wellness and Rec Center (with paid membership fee).

Will I receive a UCM grade report?

Students may access final grades through MyCentral. Final grades are available after noon the Tuesday after finals week.

What happens to my UCM credits if I go to another school?

Your UCM grade/credit record can be released, or transferred, through an official transcript request via MyCentral. Transcripts requests may also be submitted to the registrar's office in person, by mail, email or fax. 

Are credits transferable?

Missouri Senate Bill 997 stablished the seamless transferibility of core college credits between all public four and two-year institutions in the state. This core transfer curriculum is known as CORE42 and it became effective for the 2018-2019 academic year. See the CORE42 list here

The completion of the CORE 42 at any public institution of higher education will transfer to every other public institution of higher education in the state and substitute for the receiving institution’s general education requirement. Individual courses that comprise the CORE 42 are guaranteed to transfer one-to-one among all public colleges and universities.

If transfering credits to other states, credits may or may not satisfy individual program requirements as this is dependent upon the course, major area of study, and/or specific institution requirements. See course transfer equivalencies here.

Will my enrollment in Dual Credit in High School affect my college scholarship eligibility or financial aid?

No, former dual credit students are classified as entering freshmen. Therefore, you will be eligible for scholarships as any entering freshman and will see no impact on your financial aid eligibility.

Dual credit may in fact help your scholarship applications by stablishing a college GPA before high school graduation.  This gives you definite advantage come application time over students without college credits. Just be sure to maintain good grades!

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