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Professional & Career Development

UCM offers an array of professional development courses tailored to enhance career growth and empower individuals to achieve their goals. These courses encompass various industries and are designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge needed for success in today's competitive job market. Whether through in-person workshops or online classes, individuals can access opportunities to expand their expertise, refine their skills, and stay on top of industry trends. By investing in professional development, participants not only enhance their career prospects but also demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional advancement. Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, acquire new skills, or broaden your network, UCM's professional development courses provide the ideal platform to propel your career forward.

Current Course Offerings

Exec Leadership

Executive Leadership

The University of Central Missouri is proud to partner with Partnernomics, a national training, coaching and consulting company that specializes in helping companies make strategic partnering become a core competency. 

UCM and Partnernomics continually offers four six-week online, self-paced sessions to help your company achieve a competitive advantage. All classes are open enrollment to fit your busy schedule. Upon completion of the four courses, individuals may consider taking the Strategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP®) certification exam.  

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Ceramics Class

Art & Design Summer Workshops

UCM's Division of Art and Design is hosting week-long workshops throughout the summer focusing on books arts, ceramics, digital illustration, graphic design, painting, and printmaking. Participants have the option of taking the workshops for additional continuing education credit ($57/credit hour) or graduate credit ($138/credit hour) for up to three credit hours. 

All levels of experience welcome!

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