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Center for Workforce and Professional Education Badging Program

Share verified evidence of your skills and achievements with your professional connectionsman-at-desk

UCM Workforce and Professional Education’s Digital Badging provides you with a user-friendly way to share your achievements, abilities and competencies. Through badging, you have the ability to  share your accomplishments with a professional network, current employer and future connections. Each badge displayed includes verification of the organization issuing the badge as well as the activities and knowledge required to earn the credential. Digital badging is quickly becoming the standard for recognizing and displaying your learning and development in a meaningful and easy-to-access way.

UCM is known for its quality career training and professional education programs, and our badges offer adult learners an additional advantage in today’s competitive workplace. More information about digital badging follows including an informational 1-minute video. You may also visit UCM’s webpage on the Credly's Acclaim platform site. 

What is digital badging?woman-in-office

Digital badges provide for data-rich recognition, communication and tracking of achievements. UCM’s Workforce and Professional Education is partnering with Credly's Acclaim platform to offer students the ability to earn a digital badge for selected certificate programs. Organizations use Credly’s Acclaim to issue portable and secure credentials designed to empower earners, make outcomes and skills more transparent and capture data and insights about how and where these credentials are being used.  An example of a UCM digital badge is included.




Who can receive a badge? Which UCM programs currently offer badges?

Individuals completing the Project Management Full Employment Council program through UCM are eligible to receive and display a badge.

We will be adding badging capability to additional programs in the future.


How do I earn a badge?

Follow these steps to earn and display your badge.

  • Earn your badge by completing your certification course.project-management-badge
  • Claim your badge. After you have earned your badge, our badge provider and partner -- Credly's Acclaim platform -- will send you a notification email from This message will include information about how to claim and share your badge as well as how to create your own profile page on the Credly website. This profile page will serve as a one-stop location to display all badges you have earned. 
  • Share your badge on your social media accounts (such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) or add your badge to your digital resume.

What if I do not want my badge to be public?

You can keep your badge private by simply disregarding the digital badge email from Credly's Acclaim platform. Or you can accept your badge and then choose to make the badge private within your badge settings. You remain in control of your badges at all times.


Is there a cost for claiming and sharing badges?

No. Managing and sharing badges is free. 


May I claim badges from previous courses?

No. We will not issue badges for any certification courses completed before 2019.


What credentials do I use to create my badge account?

You must use the email address that the digital badge message was sent to when creating your account on Credly's Acclaim platform.



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