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Greater Commitment

Greater Commitment

In 2010, the University of Central Missouri's Board of Governors committed our campus to the Strategic Governance Model for Student Success, an initiative that focuses our mission on a university-wide commitment to helping every student succeed at UCM. To help accomplish this goal, we developed the Learning to a Greater Degree strategic platform to increase the value proposition of the UCM experience.

One of the most meaningful aspects of our community is the diversity of our campus. As we continue to provide a strong, meaningful UCM experience, we are engaging in a “Greater Degree of Commitment” within our campus community to ensure that diversity is a shared value and student success is a shared responsibility. We support initiatives that are consistent with this value. View our stance on House Bill 3 which impacts "DACA Dreamers."

At left are a series of resources, services, programs, and supports that help define our “Greater Degree of Commitment,” and serve as areas of emphasis for 2016 and beyond at UCM. We have a campus defined by students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate this culture of commitment, and we must continue to make certain we are doing everything possible to provide an inclusive and celebratory campus community that values differences.

I encourage each of you to consider ways in which you can become an active and engaged in these and all other initiatives that define our commitment to help students experience Learning to a Greater Degree.


Dr. Charles Ambrose
University President