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Greater Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Greater Degree of Commitment?
The Greater Degree of Commitment is UCM’s way of working inclusion and a celebratory stance to all difference on campus. We will work as a community to change the culture of the UCM community by focusing on bringing all groups together, rather than separation.

What is the difference between inclusion and diversity?
Diversity is used to describe the differences between people. The word diversity in a higher educational setting is typically used to discuss social differences, such as race, socio-economic status, class, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, ability, intellectual traditions, as well as cultural, political, religious, and other affiliations.

Inclusion is a term used to describe ongoing, active and intentional engagement with identified diversity in areas such as personnel, curriculum, co-curricular programs, communities and at the most basic level, classrooms.

Where is the MAPS office located?
The MAPS office is located in Dockery 212. The contact number is 660-543-4156.

MAPS hours of operation?
The MAPS office is staffed during normal university business hours.

Does the MAPS office work with faculty and staff?
Yes, the MAPS office will work with faculty, staff, and students. For assistance, contact Tara Napoleone, IDEAS Coordinator, at 660-543-4156.

Is the MAPS office in charge of Title IX?
The MAPS office and the Division of Student Engagement and Experience work hand-in-hand to deliver the Title IX requirements to the campus.

Can I put an event/activity in your calendar?
Sure, contact the MAPS Office Professional at 660-543-4156.

Will the MAPS office come and talk to my class about diversity and inclusion?
Of course we can, contact the MAPS office at 660-543-4156 to make arrangements.

What tools do you have to offer faculty for classroom inclusion?
Stay tuned for a faculty inclusion toolbox.

Will there be mandatory diversity training for faculty, staff, and students?
Training, as necessary, will be dictated by the university leadership.

Does MAPS co-sponsor university events?
Yes, please contact the office at 660-543-4156.

Where can I get information on the complaint procedures for Title IX?
Please visit the Title IX website for more information.