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Employee Assistance Program

Screening and Assessment

When you call the EAP, you will speak to a behavioral health professional. This person will ask you a series of questions called a Focused Screening. These questions help establish your immediate needs. Questions range from those about your current situation to those about risk issues, such as any potential for harm to you or another person close to you.

Once these questions are answered, you will receive referrals that match your needs. A referral to the EAP involves up to six face-to-face sessions with an EAP clinician. During your first session, you and the clinician will talk about your concerns. The assessment phase is important in helping find solutions to difficulties. The assessment may include questions about:

The assessment also includes a planning phase, as you and the EAP clinician work together to develop options that may help in your unique situation.

If you tend to be a private person, you may have some reservations about this process. Generally, you will find that every time you talk about your concerns, you have an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, your strengths, and your capacity to handle challenging life circumstances. You can be sure that the EAP clinicians you speak with, both on the phone and in-person will protect your confidentiality.