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Employee Assistance Program Details

This program applies to all regular full-time employees of UCM, without regard for job title or responsibilities.

The EAP is available to employees and their immediate family members on a self-referral basis. If employees or family members have personal or work problems that may benefit from assistance, they are encouraged to use the EAP.

Participation in the EAP will not jeopardize an employee's job security, promotional opportunities or reputation.

All records and discussions of personal or work problems will be handled in confidentially. These records are maintained by New Directions EAP and/or EAP affiliate providers, and do not become part of the employee's personnel file.

Employees will be encouraged to seek assistance to determine if personal or work problems are causing unsatisfactory job performance. Participation in the EAP is the personal choice of the individual, unless a mandated referral is made by a supervisor or management.

All levels of management are responsible for using the EAP when appropriate to assist in resolving job performance problems related to personal problems.

Sick leave may be granted for treatment or rehabilitation on the same basis as for other health problems. Consideration will also be given for the use of annual leave or leave without pay if sick leave is not available.

This program does not alter or replace existing administrative policy or contractual agreements, but serves to assist in their utilization.

This program is not intended to supplant the normal disciplinary process or in any way block any union member's legitimate access to the contractual grievance procedures. Employees have the choice to accept or reject a management referral to New Directions EAP. If the employee accepts New Directions EAP's assistance, it is the employee's option whether to give written consent for New Directions EAP to provide the referring supervisor or manager with the following information: whether the employee has contacted New Directions EAP and whether the employee is following recommendations. No information regarding the nature of the employee's problem will be given to their employer without the specific authorization of the employee.

Employees participating in New Directions EAP are expected to meet existing work performance standards.