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Got Cultured

Co-sponsored by The Center for Multiculturalism & Inclusivity and the Office of Student Activities, #GotCultured is a program to encourage student participation in diversity, equity and social justice programming on campus. Passports for #GotCultured can be picked up in The Center, Union 217 or at the events below.

How it works

1. Pick up your passport in The Center, Union 217 or at the events below.

2. Attend six of the approved #GotCultured events and get your passport stamped.
If a stamp is not available, take a selfie at the event as proof of attendance and bring you passport to The Center or Union 217 following the event for your stamp.

3. Share your experience on social media with #GotCultured.

4. Turn in completed passports to The Center for a limited edition #GotCultured shirt. Students with completed passports will also be entered for prize drawings at the end of the semester.

Spring 2024 Events

January 16          Let's Talk: Empathy- Walking In Other's shoes 12:30pm Union 249 The Center
January 16 MLK Banquet 5:30pm Union Ballrooms The Center


January 17 Volunteer Fair  11am Union Atrium

Office of Student Activites

January 18 Days of Service 10am Union Ballrooms Office of Student Activites
February 6 Let's Talk: Black Excellence and Mental Health        10am Union 229 The Center
February 14 Valentine's Day Bake Sale 12pm Wood 100 African Student Association
February 19 Unity Week - Guess Who: Unity Challenge 10am-2pm         UU HT 219 The Center
February 19 Unity Week - Supaman: Live in Concert 7pm Hendricks The Center
Febrauary 20 Unity Week - Lavengerhunt 3pm Union 240 PRISM
February 20 Unity Week - Living Library 5:30pm Union 236 & 238    American Democracy Project
February 21 Unity Week - Unity Poles 10am Union Atrium Office of Student Activities
February 21 Unity Week: Film  4pm Union Cinema  Gender & Sexuality Studies & Elliott Union   
February 21

Unity Week - International Skate Party

7pm Rec, Lower Court    Office of Student Activites


February 22

Unity Week - Own Your Power: The I AM Event

10am Union Atrium The Association of Black Collegians (ABC)


February 22

Unity Week - Hands of the World

12:00pm UU HT 219 Student Government Association (SGA)


February 22 Unity Week - Around the World 6:00pm Union 240  
March 5 Let's Talk 1pm Union 229 The Center
April 2 Lets Talk: "Surviving Summer" 1pm Union 229 Students for Political Action
April 13 Miss African Diaspora Pageant 4:00pm UU Auditorium African Student Association
April 17 The Second Chance Dance 6:30pm Union 237A PRISM
April 26 Multicultural Visit Day 9:30am Union 240 The Center


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