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Dale Carnegie

Partners in Professional Education

Honoring our alumnus Dale Carnegie, the University of Central Missouri offers world famous Dale Carnegie Training® programs. These programs are available at your convenience through the Extended Studies at the University of Central Missouri. For organizations, these programs are excellent tools to develop employee talent, groom high-potential leaders, and meet the talent management needs of your organization. For individuals, these programs will help you improve your performance and increase your value to the organization you serve. Whether you are pursuing a degree, professional continuing education, or wanting to accelerate your career, these programs will help you achieve your goals. 


The University of Central Missouri offers college credit for participants enrolled in eligible Dale Carnegie Training programs. The Dale Carnegie Course (COMM 2700), Management, Sales, and Presentations Courses may be available as elective credit towards your degree at UCM. If you are a degree seeking student elsewhere, please contact your home institution about the transferability of credit. These courses qualify for many Corporate and Civil Service Tuition Assistance Programs. Active duty Reservists, National Guard, and Veterans may be eligible for educational benefits through the GI Bill.

To enroll, request a transcript, or discuss your eligibility for Tuition Assistance or the GI Bill, please contact your local Dale Carnegie® representative or the University of Central Missouri-Extended Studies at 660-543-4984.

Available Courses

Dale Carnegie Course Name 
UCM Course Equivalent 
Dale Carnegie Course:  Effective Communication & Human Relations
UCM Course Name:  COMM 2700

Dale Carnegie Course:  Skills for Success
CM Course Name: COMM 1700


Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar
UCM Course Name:  COMM 4370


Advanced Dale Carnegie Course:  Skills for Team Success
UCM Course Name:  COMM 4370 

Dale Carnegie Course:  High Impact Presentations
UCM Course Name: COMM 4300
Dale Carnegie:  Leadership Training for Managers
UCM Course Name:  MGT 3300
Dale Carnegie:  The Leadership Advantage
UCM Course Name:  MGT 3300
Dale Carnegie:  Winning with Relationship Selling
UCM Course Name: MKT 4480
Dale Carnegie: How to Sell Like A Pro
UCM Course Name:  MKT 4480


Extended Studies
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