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Explore the available staff, faculty, student and graduate assistant opportunities at UCM.

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Off-Campus Jobs for Students and Alumni

Visit UCM Career Services to take full advantage of the resources available to students and alumni.

You can access Work Study, internship, part-time, and full-time positions off campus by creating a Handshake account.

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Students and members of the community seeking part-time or full-time employment may apply through Sodexo, UCM’s campus dining partner.

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Federal Work Study

Students awarded Federal Work Study can find more information about the program and employment options at Student Financial Services and the Career Services Center.


Compensation for Employment with UCM


Faculty Compensation


Approved Market Disciplines

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies
Datasource/Benchmark: Market is based upon AACSB salary survey for each discipline area and academic rank. The target benchmark is based on 40 comprehensive, public accredited institutions.

  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Management
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Communication Disorders

College of Health, Science, and Technology
Datasource/Benchmark: Varies by discipline.

  • Automotive Management Technology
  • Computer Science [Includes Actuarial Science, CyberSecurity and Software Engineering]
  • Construction Management
  • Design and Drafting Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Management
  • Mathematics [Full Professor]
  • Networking Technology
  • Nursing
  • Safety Science
  • Statistics
  • Systems Engineering technology
  • Technology Management

Updated Spring 2018

Staff Compensation

The Central Job System (CJS) is a classification system that functions to:

  1. Ensure a fair, sound, and systematic approach to wage and salary administration;
  2. Recognize job performance, offer career development to qualified employees, be readily understood and easily administered, and allow for ongoing, continuous change in line with market trends; and
  3. Achieve the UCM goals and strategies as it meets the UCM commitment to internal equity, external competitiveness, and equal employment opportunity and its commitment to attract, retain, and motivate employees. 

The CJS evaluates accurate position descriptions based on certain criteria, which are assigned points by the evaluator. The total points accumulated determines where positions are classified in the CJS and how much compensation or gross pay each position will receive.

CJS Standards

The CJS work comparison system assigns points to positions based on knowledge, complexity, and accountability.

  • Knowledge is defined as the total of every kind of skill, however acquired, needed for competent job performance, including technical/professional knowledge, management knowledge, and human relations skills.
  • Complexity is defined as the thinking required by the job for analyzing, evaluating, creating, reasoning, arriving at, and making conclusions, including scope and challenges.
  • Accountability is defined as the responsibilities of the job for accomplishing results. It measures the autonomy, control, and relative organizational importance of those results, including freedom to act, impact, and magnitude.

Each of the criteria are comprised of multiple areas that are evaluated on a standardized scale, customized for UCM, with clear and distinct parameters.

FLSA Determination

The determination of a UCM position as exempt or nonexempt is made only by the Office of Human Resources. The decision is based on whether the position duties and responsibilities meet the requirements included in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The FLSA requires employers to pay covered employees who are not otherwise exempt at least the federal minimum wage and overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 in a work week.

In accordance with federal law, all UCM positions are categorized for overtime eligibility purposes as either exempt or nonexempt.

  • Exempt employees work in positions that are not eligible for overtime compensation under FLSA and are expected to "get the job done" regardless of the number of hours required. Exempt employees do not have to report hours worked on a timesheet however, exempt employees are to report all leave hours (sick, vacation, personal) taken on a timesheet in MyCentral.
  • Nonexempt employees work in positions that are eligible for overtime compensation under FLSA and must be paid for all hours worked in a work week. Nonexempt employees are to report all hours worked and hours taken as leave (including holidays) either by entering the time on a timesheet in MyCentral or punching the hours via a Kronos clock.
  • Positions are not exempt based on their title, status, anticipated workload, shift, amount of the departmental budget, or number of hours worked. Positions with the same title may vary in their eligibility for overtime, depending on the actual duties performed in each specific position.

Employee Recognition

The University of Central Missouri has a strong tradition of celebrating the contributions of Faculty, Staff, and Student employees.  We encourage employees to contact their appropriate governance committee for awards that may be available through those channels.  You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions.



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