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Why Work At UCM

Exceptional Work Environment

The University of Central Missouri is an extraordinary place to work. At UCM we’re dedicated to creating a diverse, employee-friendly environment that’s warm and welcoming to all. We believe in open communication, mutual trust, and respect. If you’re looking for a dynamic employee experience where you can have a direct impact on student success and institutional excellence, explore the available staff, faculty, student and graduate assistant opportunities at UCM.

Join the UCM Family

When you work at UCM, you become part of a family of dedicated, caring and compassionate individuals. You’ll be surrounded by wonderful colleagues who share your work ethic, commitment and desire to making a positive difference. You’ll also enjoy incredible benefits and amazing perks.

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Exceptional Benefits

UCM offers a highly competitive and comprehensive array of benefits to meet the needs of our employees. From paid time off to educational development, full health insurance to life insurance. Employees can participate in a robust retirement program, a number of voluntary tax-sheltered annuity programs, and the Missouri’s 529 College Savings Plan (MOST). Our exceptional benefits are just another reason why employees chooseUCM!

Work-Life Integration

UCM has many resources, facilities and campus resources to help you achieve and maintain an incredible quality of life. From utilizing the Student Recreation and Wellness Center to participating in community events and taking advantage of employee discounts, UCM employees can maximize numerous offerings to strike a balance between the work we do and our personal lives. 



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