Housing Services

Making Your Life Easier and Better on Campus

Prepping for life on campus or move-in can be a lot of work!  University Housing and United Student Housing Association (USHA) provide a variety of optional services to make your life on campus more convenient including:


Housing Services

NOTE: This information is provided as a service. The University of Central Missouri does not require students or their families to purchase their bed linens or any other residence hall room supplies through the companies listed on this page or any other third party vendor.

Refrigerator Rentals & Carpet Sales


Refrigerator Rentals

  • Refrigerators can be rented from the United Student Housing Association (USHA) or students may bring their own refrigerators as long as they are 4.5 cubic feet or less in size and 1000 watts or less.  
  • Our refrigerators are standard size “mini-fridges” and we offer the convenience of picking up these on move-in day and offer a lower rental cost than the price of a new refrigerator purchased in-store! 
  • Carts provided to help students/families move fridges from storage to cars/buildings.
  • Cost for a yearly rental is $70.00 including $25.00 deposit which is returned at the end of year upon return of the refrigerator.
  • Download Rental Agreement Here! 


Carpet Sales

Carpet Sales

  • Carpet from Our Campus Market is available for purchase through the United Student Housing Association at www.cms.ocm.com/carpets.
  • Carpet will reduce the noise level heard from the room below.
  • All carpet is first quality, plush, residential, brand new, and bound on all four sides.
  • You are guaranteed the correct size carpet and it will be waiting in Nickerson Hall for pick-up on move-in day.
  • Please remember: DO NOT secure carpet to the floor with tape or glue.
  • Students may also bring room-size carpet or rugs from home (room dimensions are approximately 11’ x 17’, depending on location).

Linens and Bedding


Customize your space

  • University Housing partners with Our Campus Market to provide linens guaranteed to fit both our standard and our extra long mattresses. Many options and packages are available.
  • Find bedding, decor, and bath essentials.
  • These items will be direct shipped you to in your residence hall.
  • Check out all options at https://www.ocm.com/cms4


Loft Rentals


Lofts create 23 square feet of additional living space

  • While most residence hall beds can be bunked, you also have the option to rent a loft kit
  • Using a loft kit will allow you to raise a bed and place belongings (desk, chair, refrigerator) below.
  • For safety purposes, students cannot build home-made lofts; only lofts from College Products are approved for use in University Housing.
  • Lofts can be ordered online by visiting www.collegeproducts.com/ucm 

Order before August 1 to save $20 on your loft!

Other benefits of lofts include:

  • Easy assembly in five minutes
  • Durable steel construction
  • Uses University-supplied bed frame and mattress
  • Loft pick up on move in day



Ships right to your room/apt for move-in day!

UCM Housing partners with College Products to offer a highly durable and eco-friendly futon option that will withstand the use of college living!  The Big Hoss™ is a popular student choice!  Some perks of the futon:

  • Creates more organized social space in your room
  • Fits conveniently right under lofted beds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra parts are always available to order
  • Highly durable

Order online by visiting www.collegeproducts.com/ucm.




Keep your valuables secure

We believe in a strong sense of safety and security of our students and their belongings.  Though we believe we have a safe campus, issues can happen.

  • Having a personal safe helps students as well as families feel their valued possessions stay secured. 
  • Safes purchased through College Products provide key or card (debit, credit, student ID, etc.) entry for their safes which can hold laptops, keys, IDs, money, and other valuables. 
  • The safes can be tethered to beds, shelves, etc. to make sure they don't walk away. 

 Order online now at  www.collegeproducts.com/ucm




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